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Thread: alright. this is getting old... any advice?

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    Default alright. this is getting old... any advice?

    I have tried different brands, i have tried putting them on tight, and loose.
    why do the tapes on the left side always rip off when i sleep padded.
    its caused me to wake up in a wet bed too many times now.
    I really need a solution to this.


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    Perhaps its the way you sleep? Either try fastening the sides with sellotape or get pull ups?

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    SDK diapers or packing tape?

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    I tend to flood when I sleep so most pullups I have tried can't hold up to it.

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    I'd try ABU SuperDry Kids with a booster pad if you're a big guy.. They are 2-taped(1 tape per side) but they are wide and incredibly strong. When you apply them be sure to rub them a bit with your finger to heat the glue on the other side and make sure its set.

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    Just reinforce the tapes with a 3-6 inch strip of packing tape, problem solved.

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    it is more than likely the way you sleep if its only happening on one side, maybe you should invest in some plastic pants or a bed pad so you don't wake up in a completely soaked bed? also it might help if there's something covering the diaper, i know sometimes if there's something covering it the less chance the tapes will pop open or come off because its not being as stressed by movement

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    you probly sleep on your side or you are using cheap diapers for either problem I recomend tights(or the top piece to keep the taps from rubbing on any thing while you sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
    Just reinforce the tapes with a 3-6 inch strip of packing tape, problem solved.
    Same idea, but I'd use white or transparent duct tape. I've tried packing tape and it seems to be too stiff and forms stiff wrinkles. Duct tape is more pliable, and twist and flexes much better than packing tape. Plus, Duct tape will stretch a little bit if it needs to, where as Packing tape will simply tear.

    Just my on the matter of reinforcing tapes.

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    sounds to me like a cheap diaper issue. Im currenty using my back up diapers because i had to switch medical supply companies due to insurance issues and Im still waiting to be recertified via my doctor and the doctor at my insurance. Those back up diapers are cheap kendal single tape and I have noticed that the tapes tear easily and usually on the right side. I also notice that i put the left tape on first which puts more pressure and leverage on the right tape. I have had two packages so far of my back up supply that have been mostly faulty but I also feel like how the diaper is put on influences whether or not cheap diapers tear or not. I tend to be pretty quick with changing my self as I have had lots of practice(Im life long urinary and fecal incontinent) and because Im quick im not as careful as i could be about how much pressure im exerting on the tapes as i try to get a tight fit.

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