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Thread: Who else likes leaks?

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    Default Who else likes leaks?

    If I wear in public and I wet, I like it to stay in the diaper. But I must confess that when I am at home I like leaks. I like it when the waistband of my jeans gets wet and it starts to leak out the legbands. Right now I am wearing undies sticking out from under a Depend pullup to encourage leaking. Anyone else like this?

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    Well.. Not the underwear part, but I love wetting diapers till they leak and then sitting in them xD It makes me feel so babyish..

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    Theres a time and a place for a leak. Mostly they suck and I do everything I can to avoid them. Can be fun occasionaly though

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    Every once in a while, leaking can be pretty great. It enhances the feeling that you're really helpless in your diapers and sometimes you leak because you can't help it. On the other hand, until I was able to buy my own diapers at age 15, I used my sister's old swim diapers which as you can guess leaked every time I used them. Never again! The whole reason I insist on using Abenas now is that I can't deal with the insecurity of knowing my diaper is going to leak all over whenever I get it a little bit wet; diapers don't feel secure if you know they're not going to hold what you put into them. So, leaks are cool if they happen very occasionally but I think they ruin the experience if they become a lifestyle.

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    A leak at home isn't too bad and can even be a bit fun. Hate them in public though.

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    I hate leaking in general, aside from the fact that it makes me feel pretty babyish. Leaked once in public whilst walking along a canal with 2 of my big bros & i was pretty embarrassed

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    I don't like leaks anywhere but the privacy of home. Also makes me feel I've gotten my money's worth out of the diaper

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    Leaks in public infuriate me greatly actually, even if its just a little. Feeling it run down my legs and into my shoes drives me nuts, I always wear dark pants though just in case. Leaks at home don't bother me though, it's just like..."oh look at that a wet spot on my chair" *get up and change and grab a different chair and continue what I was doing*

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    I find leaks fun, in fact I think I posted about this in another thread, I like to wear 2 pairs of plastic pants over my diaper and put a couple of ice cubes in between the 2 pairs at some stage the ice will melt and leak out, but you have some control over when and how much leaking will occur. usually takes about 15 -20 minutes before the leak is noticeable, but the first you know about it is when you see the damp spots at the tops of your legs. I find it very exciting, not really sure why though, its just an easy way for me to get a thrill.

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    Of course I sometimes like to just go in my pants without the diaper, too. Sometimes mess too.

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