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Thread: Bambino teddies still have bad tapes?

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    Default Bambino teddies still have bad tapes?

    Just wondering imma buy a case for chrismas and i know tapes kinda suck. Did they ever fox it? If not which bambino woild be better?

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    I got a case of the new ones as soon as they were restocked. To me they seem to be better. I have a couple old ones left, I remember there tapes unsticking easy.
    I used a pack and half of em so far, I like the improvements, including the tapes.

    I got the new diaper too. There just as soft as teddies, fit the same(new fit style) and hold a LOT.

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    If you mean the stretch tapes, they only ever made one batch run of those IIRC, due to negative user feedback on them. They've been "normal" tapes for quite some time now.

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    I know a few people have complained about the regular tapes popping off - since they are not double tapes, they have to be removable, so they're not going to stick as well, by design. You need to be very careful about not contaminating the tape land on the front of the diaper with powder, oil, or anything else that will mess with the adhesive. And when peeling off the tape to move it, try to avoid touching the (white) adhesive part with your fingers. (finger oil ruins adhesive) Grab them only by the blue pulls on the end.

    And really no matter what you do, they will become unreliable by the 3rd move.

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