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Thread: anyone else ever feel like this?

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    Default anyone else ever feel like this?

    Caution: ramble alert
    So a friend of mine from school recently decided he’s a girl now and it had been lingering on my mind while I was talking to my best friend who was feeling down. So I tell her about my friend from school and suddenly she’s incredibly keen on meeting him. Later the same evening my best friend tells me that they have so much in common and that they’ve already planned to spend the whole afternoon at the mall together. I was just like “okay, cool” but on the inside I was feeling this sense of exclusion.

    So I get on facebook the following evening and I see all these photos of the two of them hanging out and having so much fun. It somewhat made me a bit angry that he should get to hang out with her all by himself despite knowing her for like a few HOURS. I’VE known my best friend for for almost half a decade and because of my tyrannical controlling parents I can barely hang out with her. I wasn’t mad at my best friend, she’s the bestest friend ever, but I was and still am VERY VERY VERY angry at my other friend for getting to do what I try so hard to but cant. Why should he get to hang out with her so intimately when they just met?! Why am I kept shut from the world by my stupid parents and cant have the basic luxury all my other friends get to have?! ITS NOT FAIR!I wish I had never told her about him!

    (long pause) but I think that would be somewhat selfish on my part, she seems so happy now, but I wish that I was the reason she was. I love her so much.
    I just feel alone, abandoned, and worst of all, replaced

    i doubt it, but has this happened to anyone else?

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    I wouldn't go that far, as to say your replaced, but i feel the same you do at many times because of my discomfort I have being around too many people at once. I never really can do anything with friends xD...and it's a shame, because I often feel like a ghost when schools over with. Im sorry your parents have such an eye over you to leave you out of that though >.<

    I honestly don't know what to say to help you, but I thought ide share my little story

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    I haven't been in a situation like that, but I know those feelings. It's not a nice place to be.

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    I think it's unfair for you to blame them... they're not forcing you to feel the way you do. Your reaction is a choice. And your choices are only hurting yourself ... and they eventually will hurt your friendships with both of them if you try to control the feelings they have or don't have for each other. Just be happy they have found some measure of happiness in each other. They - and you will all be happier for it.

    From what you write, you're trying to control them as your parents control you.

    If you're angry, then speak up and tell her your feelings. You can't blame her if you never speak up, and you can't blame him if you if he doesn't know you have feelings for her.

    That's my two cents, anyway.

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