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    So, i am pretty sure i understand the DL side as it is pretty simplistic imo, but i want to know more about the AB side. Im not really sure how i want to say this. I just feel like most everyone here knows more about their AB side than i do mine. I am still rather new to this stuff. I mean i have known i liked diapers for a long time, but never anything more than that. I hope people here know what i am trying to say bc i dont...... Please help

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    I know what you're trying to say and understand quite well. When I first came here I was only DL... but over the last couple of weeks I've come to see my AB side and indulged it with plushies, a pacifier and other things. It's nice to get into if you get stressed alot imo as I find it quite relaxing. I'm sure others will add their views as well but that's mine >(^.^)<

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    Me, I guess I was dl before I was ab (or was I ab all along? ) In any case, eventually my diaper wearing started including pacis, and me talking in baby talk (I had to play with myself at first, so baby talk was my way of "reassuring" that I was in the baby role). Eventually you will find that you might have different desires to include in your diaper time (like me with pacis),and all I can say is try, you may find that you like it, or worse case scenario, you find out that you are just a dl and not an ab.
    I think its time for a personal experiment!

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    For me it sort of developed hand in hand - I never identified as just an AB or DL. I've heard people refer to both of these as gateway fetishes for the other. The best bet is to explore slowly - see what you like, what you don't and to build up from there. If you're short on ideas just randomly browse adisc for a whilst.

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