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    So who else finds the commercial sexist and inappropriate? I know it just can't be me. In all honesty, I'm never buying another Dr. Pepper product again. I even left a nasty post on their Facebook wall.

    My mom says that there's obviously a bunch of insensitive guys who work in Dr. Pepper. I seriously doubt a woman would let them do that. But then again, being the sexist douchebags they are, they wouldn't listen to her anyway.

    In case you haven't seen the most sexist commercial in history, here it is:

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    Whoa. Thats really sexist! WTF?

    How could that pass all the guidelines and requirements for advertising and somehow make it on air. It surely must of had a lot of hate towards it.

    Granted, i can see what they're trying to do. They're targeting for me to buy the drink, saying that "if you get this drink, you're not a pansy", but they have done that very, very badly.

    This is where i'm glad i never ever drink soft drinks.

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    I know. Come on, even directly saying "It's not for women!", what the hell have they been smoking?

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    Yeah it's very inappropriate I agree :/ When I first heard about it I was like "wow,that better be a joke." And then I saw a real commercial :/ I never liked Dr. Pepper but it was really stupid of them to make this.

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    Really? "It's not for women?" The rest of it might have been tolerable, but that's just asking for it. Somebody's in for a watershed of hate mail, methinks. Get ready for a half-hearted public apology from Coca-Cola :/

    Alternatively, it might all be a really clever ploy to get women to buy more Dr. Pepper 10, just to prove that is for women :P

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    Maybe they're trying to pull it off as a satirical joke towards men. I mean they did make Dr. Pepper Zero or something to that effect that has zero calories. It mainly aimed toward women and I think one of their commercial even emasculated some guy that was trying to drink one. I can't really remember it was quite a while ago. And if they're not targeting women in their advertisements, its their sales loss when women find this appalling and stop buying the product.

    At then end of the day, however, I think most people will reflect back on this commercial and think "lol its the total opposite of all those shit drinks with zero calories"

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    Haha that's what I thought the first time I saw the commercial. At first I was like "hey my Human Development Class talks about this stuff". But yeah I think they chose a rocky path for their marketing plan.

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    I dont know if its the most sexist commercial I seen, but I was shocked when I first seen it.
    I was really surprised it was allowed on air. I like Dr.Pepper and a male, but I found this commercial offensive and sexist.

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    Typically I can laugh at products trying to appeal to "men" but this is just ridiculous!

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    Is it over the top, sure, but its a serious advertising ploy to push men to drink it. Pepsi Max has also been advertised to men, though clearly to a less in-your-face level.

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