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    I was watching a documentary on TLC (TV channel) called "Smallest People in the World"... According to the documentary information, most people afflicted with PD don't grow past about 3 feet, and don't weigh more than 30 pounds.

    So where is this madfur going with this, you may ask...Well, I am going crazy! But really, I do have a point...

    So, one of the people that was interviewed was 16...3'2" and looked like a 3 year old with a more mature head (head meaning facial hair, eyes, hair, etc). The guy's room looked like a normal 8 year old's room. Bunk bed with race car sheets, stuffed animals, etc.

    I don't want to say it would be "cool" to have PD, because that's just ignorant and stupid. It's like saying that it's fun to be labeled as Special Needs in order to use a calculator on math tests. But it certainly would be an interesting experience to be that small for a day or two...but it's a curse, I am certain of that.

    But what about a possible *B/DL aspect? Think about this: if you were 3 feet tall...what diaper would you choose? I know I'd go with Pampers or Luvs... So...Your thoughts?

    Oh, and this is a mutation of a growth gene...So it's not something hereditary, just in case any one was wondering.

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    Uh...I'm pretty sure none of them are *B/DL's...Since there aren't that many of them to begin with...I don't know what kind they would use...I personally think that *B/DL-ness shouldn't be compared to everything...

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    I have a friend who was diagnosed with childhood cancer of the bladder when she was 10. Multiple treatments of chemo and radiation have permanently stunted her growth... so to this day she looks 12 (she's 18). The cancer is gone... but unfortunately it did so much damage to her bladder that surgeons had to reconstruct it multiple times. Her bladder is now the size of a 3 year old's.

    As you can imagine this has led to continence problems. Try as she might the poor girl has 3 or 4 accidents every day... and will never be dry at night. Something she's not too happy about as you can imagine.

    The one advantage is that youth diapers still fit her quite well... she wears pull-ups during the daytime and pampers 6 at night.

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    Don't know about the *B/DL aspect of it. It is a VERY rare condition, and there is a lot of attention focused on these people, so I would think there would be some difficulty dealing with this type of a situation. Another issue is that life expectancy is much shorter, so I don't know how many of them actually get to an age where this is an issue. I cared for one neonate with MOPD, among the rarest forms of PD. If she survived past her first year, the long term outcome would have been difficult to predict. Her condition is so rare that her actual diagnosis had to be made by a specialist at another hospital. Apparently, only six other cases have been documented.

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    I'm small but not that small, and I don't think I would want to be that tiny, life has to be difficult at that height.

    I reached my peak hight in the 4th grade, I was the biggest kid in my class, for a few years, all the little kids used to hang around with me.

    But in the 7th grade everyone shot past me, and I became the smallest kid in school, but the little kids who hung around me for protection, now protected me.

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    I think it would be interesting to be that small for a day or two, i've always been big for my age so I don't remeber what it's like to be that short.

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