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Thread: Hello everyone :)

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    Default Hello everyone :)

    I am 17 years old guy from Slovakia. I am not sure, if I am teen baby but I imagine myself as 10 years old boy who is able to walk and control bladder, but he has to wear diapers and be in stroller for his "security". My others fetishes are suspenders, overalls and light bondage-like in the stroller.

    I am not very sporty, but I like playing volleyball and go swimming occasionally.
    My other interests: music(metal, rock, j-pop, k-pop), Korean or Japanese dramas,
    Linux, singing for fun and Japanese language.

    I am glad, I am here

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    We're glad you're here too! ^_^ Excellent introduction by the way!

    Slovakia...that's the eastern half of the former nation of Czechoslovakia, correct? Sorry, I'm a bit of a geography fanatic ^^

    You can term yourself what ever you're comfortable with. There are many on here who wear padding (diapers) 24/7, while others only like to wear occasionally but don't wet. There's no concrete criteria, so I would say your use of titles sounds just fine

    I am with you on overalls! I have a pair with Mickey and Minnie on them that I love! I wear them all the time!

    I am not very sporty either, but you still out-do me: I have always been terrible at volleyball. I'm much more the basketball type, though I also love curling and hockey.

    I hope you enjoy the site and find it to be safe and welcoming! Don't be afraid to ask any questions you may have!

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    I love your stroller/pram avatar! It's one of the steerable Bertini models. They are unique in having a pram style design, but swivel wheels instead of fixed. A very comfy stroller! Do you own one? I don't have any Bertinis, but have some other similar prams.


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    Props to pramrider. I was wondering if a pram fancier might say something... Well done. I think it is cool when I hear fellow enthusiasts meet and recognize each other's fandom membership and get right into the finer points of their "thing"...

    Slovakia!! Cool!! What do you speak besides English?

    Yeah, very good intro. Lots for us to interact with you over... Japanese language you say. What anime reaches Slovakia? What's your favorite?

    Grade school ageplay is very common... not all the ab's and tb's here are babies! You are in good company. Welcome aboard, it sounds like you will be in for good fun among us!

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    Thank you both for invitation I do not own this stroller, I found it on randomly on Google, but I would like to own a big stroller with 5 point harness. I speak German, too. My Japanese is very poor, but I am learning it slowly I do not watch anime, but I used to, I watch dramas only.

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