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Thread: Finding diapers in strange places

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    Default Finding diapers in strange places

    Yesterday I was going for my walk and I pass this shopping cart. I see a couple items in there and some pull ups lying around, few in the cart and a couple on the ground. I pick them up and they were dry and never worn so I took them home with me. I don't know why I took them and I know they didn't belong to anyone. It was in front of the house on the street and it was abandoned. I thought it was a very odd situation.

    What strange places have you found diapers at?

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    I haven't see diapers but I saw a pacifier that said "take me" but I didn't want a dirty binky and whoever had it in their mouth

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    Saw a pack of pampers hanging over a street lamp... bet there was a story behind that one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    Saw a pack of pampers hanging over a street lamp... bet there was a story behind that one!
    Yes Iíll bet too, but you surely will not find it on a +eeker style forum.

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    I found a size 4 baby diaper on the side of the road that was unused and probably fell out of someone's car.

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    I'm getting freaked out :/

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    Found a used baby nappy in the middle of the bush once, someone with a baby must have dumped it while bush walking.

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    Found 1 on the front lawn (used) 1 day. Can't imagine how it got there. Have seen them in parking lots around the mall.

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    During our spirit week a few weeks ago, one of the days was senior citizen vs. toddler day, so a bunch of kids wore adult diapers over their clothes. At the end of the day, senior hall was littered with them.

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