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Thread: Pampers Underjams waist sizes?

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    Default Pampers Underjams waist sizes?

    I really want to try some pampers underjams, and they come in 2 different sizes:
    size S/M (38-65 lbs) / (17-29 kg)
    size L/XL (58-85 lbs) / (26-39 kg)

    But im not sure what size to get
    I have tried Pampers baby drys (size 5), and they literally just fit, but usually break after 15mins unless i really stretch them before usage, so can anyone give me some waist sizes for the 2 sizes above? I think my waist is 30 inchs.

    P.s. I love tight diapers only, (hate baggy/over sized diapers). Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPLV View Post
    P.s. I love tight diapers only, (hate baggy/over sized diapers). Thanks!
    I haven't tried Underjams, but I'll say this: Unless you're in or under the age/weight range for Underjams, they are not going to be baggy or over-sized!

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    Get the large size. They aren't very durable, in regards to the sides even though they are extremely comfortable, they are not great for larger waists. I have a 30-31 inch waste, and even I find them to break quite easily. In that regard, the Goodnites are much better. As to your question, I couldn't give you specific correlations, but like i said, I have a 30-31" waist, and barely fit in the larges.

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    Ok, thanks. Guess i better go for large then. lol

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    They only had small/medium there so i took a chance and baught them, and as it turns out they fit nicely. I dont kind of get what you mean by the sides splitting, but thats only because i did not stretch them before hand. Otherwise im quite happy with them

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