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Thread: My fabines arrived!

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    Default My fabines arrived!

    I'm surprised not to see anyone else posting about their Fabines, I assume a bunch of you got them on Friday or maybe Thursday. I'm not going to go to the trouble of a full review (I'm sure someone will) but I'll just start a thread to discuss them.

    They arrived in an unmarked box, there were two bags of 10 along with the usual pair of small suckers and coupons that ABU normally includes with their shipments.

    The box and bags were smaller than I was expecting. Somewhat uncommon, the bags were clear, not white, and the diapers looked to be about as thick as a bambino or so.

    I got my first one out last night just before bed and took a look at them. I just took some pictures I will be adding those to a gallery and link to it in a bit

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    Here are some pics I took just now. Yes I enjoyed a fabine overnight last night. Didn't use, just wore. Seeing how well it holds up and how the tapes stay and how snug/leakproof it is in the morning before I give it a "real test".

    bambinod's Album: Fabines day 1

    So far I see the padding isn't really much thicker than an M4 for example, and the sizing is a little smaller (length) and maybe a little wider in the crotch. Leg elastic is really good and keeps the cuffs tight all night long but the front and back elastic stretch overnight and require retaping in the morning. Doesn't clump too much overnight when dry. Outer cover has a very thick front land and is a bit stiff/crinkly. As you can see in the pictures, the print isn't gender specific, but they have their URL printed large across the cover in several places. Some may not like that.

    Width fits fine, but I'm finding the front/back size isn't quite as much as I'd like

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    As you can see in the pictures, the print isn't gender specific, but they have their URL printed large across the cover in several places. Some may not like that.
    Classic ABUniverse, customers made two complaints about the Fabine prototype pics that were on their website. The first was the wetness indicator and the second was the URL being printed on the diaper. ABUniverse assured everyone that neither of these would appear on the final product.

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    Thanks for all of the pics! They look cute...but not so thick as the descriptions would have you believe. Too bad...

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    Haha! That url kills it for me. No way in hell will I be purchasing now. I was already on the fence due to the high price factor but now seeing them with these very detailed pics takes me off the fence. Too bad I landed on the side with the barking guard dog ready to rip my ass! Gotta go! Thanks for the review!

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    That's disappointing. The only thing left to know will be how well they function when used since that's really all there is left to know. It looks good, but not worth the the bundle of money. So if they don't absorb well, then there's really nothing that separates them from whats already available.

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    I really want to try a Fabine.
    I wana see how they compare to Bambino's new diaper.

    Do there tapes hold good and how crinkly are they?

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    Default minor updates

    I wore that same first Fabine all day today and had a fair amount of outdoor activity but it did a good job of holding up. The inner liner over the padding started to break down in the butt crack but that's pretty typical for long daytime wear. No major clumping which was surprising. Remained comfortable all day, easy to forget I was padded sometimes.

    I'm not too experienced with my gallery, I don't know why it put the pictures in exactly reverse order of what I uploaded them in. I'd also like to edit descriptions but it doesn't give me an edit option when viewing my gallery. Probably some things I need to learn how to do. I also notice a mesh watermarkish pattern on my pics, I'm not sure why they're doing that, they look normal here before upload and I did scale them down before uploading.

    So my initial impressions are:

    - sturdy construction
    - good tapes, good land zones
    - nice neutral design (the url doesn't bother me, and I don't have to deal with specific themes) I prefer either straight white or neutral.
    - some of the best leg elastic I've ever seen. four bands per side
    - lower taping area or wing is constructed of less stretchy plastic than in most other diapers - the lower tapes do NOT stretch the diaper out and require repositioning later, as I have found to always be the case with other diapers if worn for any extended period of time. abena M4's are terrible about this due to their soft plastic shell. I expect this will help with overnight leaks, particularly on side wetting
    - no racing stripes (as in the abenas, and no wetness indicator)

    - price (over $3/each)
    - standing leak guards aren't as high as I have seen in other premium diapers
    - front and rear elastic stretch out over time and require repositioning top tapes after extended wear

    - these are sized differently than I'm used to (bambino) - the wing width makes the top tapes fit like a teddy large, but the length of the diaper is shorter and leaves the front/rear ends lower on my body than I'd prefer, they seem to be sized as the teddy medium in that direction.

    I don't regret the purchase, but I don't think I'll be reordering unless they drop their price. This is a "premium diaper", but it's priced beyond premium when you look at abena 4's, 24/7s, teddies, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    - price (over $3/each)
    I got the new Bambino's didn't get Fabine cause of price. A case cost me just under $2 a diaper.

    To me there great and hold a ton. They fit and feel like teddies just a whole lot more absorbent. Its like there news blog said. Teddies on steroids.

    I would like to see a review by someone who has tried both.

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