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    What if a gay boy and a gay girl dated, would both being gay cancel each other out so they are both still gay or would they be Bi ?

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    I believe the time-tested formula of:
    Gay + gay = Supercalifragilisticgay
    still holds true.

    Seriously though, dating means nothing if no feelings were behind it, so I'll assume you mean a sexual interest in one and other. Regardless of whether or not they identify as gay, having a sexual interest in someone of the opposite sex would be considered a straight relationship. Now, if they still found members of their own same sex attractive, then they are still gay with an independent straight relationship. If they find other members of the opposite sex attractive, while still finding members of the same sex attractive, then they may be bisexual, yes.

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    They would be bi, or if it is a one off thing; bi-curious.

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    If a Gay boy and a Gay Girl dated. I think the Gay part would be ruled out. Would be interesting to see how this would turn out though.

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    Still be gay and lesbian. My gay uncle was married to a woman until she died of a brain tumor. He was still gay. Then he married a man. He was gay before he met his wife.

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    Years ago, gay men and women would marry so that they could keep up straight appearances, since society condemned homosexuality. I guess they dated like sexes on the down low.

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    If there just going out as basic friends, then prob still gay.
    If there in a loving relationship, then it sounds maybe bi.

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    They'd only not be gay if there were genuinely attracted to be each other -- then they'd be bi. But two people may date for reasons beyond sexual attraction. Maybe they're experimenting and haven't quite figured themselves out, or maybe they're both in the closet and figure they can each be the other's cover.

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    They would be whatever they decide they are. I don't think there's anything more to it.

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