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Thread: Halloween 2011

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    Default Halloween 2011

    It seems we have no Halloween thread for this year. Let this be it.

    Best Costume Ever

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    What's your favorite scary movie?

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    lol good idea. I will post pics of me sometime tomorrow or the next day. My girlfriend has convinced me to go as a toddler to her grandmothers halloween party. I just found out I'll be the only guy there and there will be little kids, kids, adults and older people there.....this should be interesting.

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    Here's my pic:

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    Lol :P

    No, I can't be bothered with Halloween. If I want sweets, I'll get my mum to buy me some, I'm not going to wait for one day of the year to get free sweets! I'm not a costume person either, really.

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    This will be my first Halloween without dressing up or trick or treating. I get tired of just how scornful people look at you even if you have a little kid your taking with you. If I'm walking around I might as well carry a bag for the candy. I'll just be spending All Hallows Eve at home in the dark so I don't have to give out candy. Might try to find a copy of the Halloween Tree to watch.

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    Being V from V for Vendetta...

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    My wife and I will give out candy and hope someone comes. We live on a street where you can't stop and park.

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    We really don't have many kids in the neighborhood, maybe one or two. So, that means a lot of candy for this kit! ^^

    I'll probably just hang out in my fox pajamas. I suppose it's a costume of sorts. I was never really that into dressing up, anyway.

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    I am dressing up as Private Joker from Full Metal Jacket. Born to kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeTheBest15 View Post
    Being V from V for Vendetta...
    Great movie must agree and thats what im going as too. having a lil halloween part in a lil bit called outta work and dressed up.

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