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Thread: The Intro of a Musician/Athlete/Engineer

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    Hey Everyone,

    Similarly to most everyone here, I've made a profile because of an interest in diapers. I've no idea why, but I'm a straight male TB/AB/DL more or less (more or less TB/AB/DL, not more or less straight male, that would just be backwards to say), for better or for worse. Also, I'm stuck with the dilemma of trying to mesh Christianity with my natural attractions, so I'm still figuring that one out. Now that thats out of the way, here is me.

    I absolutely love music, be it vocal, instrumental, guitar, percussion, dubstep... It's one of those things that just comes naturally to me in life that I love. I also love playing most any sport, and being active, especially because most of my time now is devoted to studying engineering at a really tough school in Indianna.

    I really just want to be able to relate to people on this website and have some fun.

    If you did read this, thanks, and I hope I can chat with you sometime.

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    Oh Captain, my Captain... (don't roll your eyes... you were all thinking the same thing in your head. I just beat you to posting it.) :P

    Welcome to Adisc. I am a former Hoosier myself, though i assume you are more of a Boilermaker. No need to confirm or deny that. You actually sound a lot like me... except for the musician, athlete, engineer part. But i too am straight, ABDL, recent furrry convert, and dealing with how to share that with my Christianity and especially my Christian girlfriend. Anyway. Welcome to the community and good luck on your school work.

    Feel free to hop in to the IRC (LIVE CHAT) and meet some great people. See ya around.

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    Welcome, sir. I hope you enjoy yourself here. 'Tis a lovely site.

    I know it's not quite as simple as this, but I haven't found a passage in the Bible that prohibits the use of diapers for enjoyment. And this is just my opinion, but it seems to me that a God who objects to the "natural attractions" that he presumably gave to you is not really the God you want. Whatever else God may be, I don't think he's about self-hatred or demanding that people resist their strongest natural drives for no apparent reason. If your Bible does not even mention diapers or fetishes, I see no reason why you should continue to assume that God disapproves of instincts you can't control. Just my two cents, hope it doesn't seem too blasphemous. Again, welcome, welcome, welcome!

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