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Thread: Information about tena slip in praha (czeck)

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    Default Information about tena slip in praha (czeck)

    I will travel in prague, I like to buy diapers and I'm curious if they are cotton feel on in good old plastic.
    I like plastic but I find it in Italia only, the are cotton feel in france :-(

    Does someone has already buy tena slip maxi in czeck republic ?

    is someone live in prague (praha).

    Thanks by advance.

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    HI hotherve,

    we have just the cotton ones . You have to buy them in "special farmacies" where they sell things like wheel chairs, crutches etc.. But rather then tena i will recommend you abri-form M4.

    Enjoy your stay in Prag....

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    oh great ! :-(
    Do you have address for abena x-plus ?
    thanks you for reactivity.

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    I got cotton feel Tena from Sweden in Decin in 2007. There is a Czech internetpage Abena, inkontinen?ní pom?cky, pleny pro dosp?lé, plenkové kalhotky pro dosp?lé, inkontinence, abri, vzorky zdarma with more information. They are imported from Denmark.


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