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    As this topics title says, I'm not sure I belong here, since I'm not an AB in any way. However, I am interested in being a daddy to a wonderful little girl. I've been a daddy before, and it really clicked with me, and while my baby and I had a falling out, I really miss being a daddy.

    Now, guess I'll talk a little about myself. I'm a nerd and a goofball. I love anime, cartoons, comics, and play card games still. I try to be a romantic, although I'm not one completely. I can be a bit cynical at times, which does scare some people away, I am trying to control that though. And anyway.. guess that's all for now!

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    I guess it depends on your attitude. If you are here just to look for a new baby girl.. then you might be right. You don't belong here. But if you are here just to make friends and be a part of the community and are seeking to get or to give support from/to others, then you are in the right place regardless of whether or not you are an AB.

    I only said the first part because Adisc is not a Dating/hookup site. And we do have a lot of girls here that like adisc because guys are trying to flirt with them or become their daddy's. That being said, people have met and begun great relationships from Adisc... but finding a baby girl should not be the purpose of joining. There are plenty of other sites out there for that.

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    You have AB listed in your profile and that is misleading since you aren't an AB. The "other" option be more appropriate since you're a daddy.

    If you are indeed looking for a baby girl, DailyDiapers is a better place for it since they allow that there.

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