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Thread: Man being able to talk about this with friends rocks.

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    Default Man being able to talk about this with friends rocks.

    I'm sorta open about my infantilism the main reason I like telling people is mainly their reaction. XD but I love the added benefit of saying "yeah played halo thanks to my diaper I didn't move all night" and just comments and what not obviously not in public but with certain friends is nice to not have to hide it. Like the other night, friend asked me what do you want the most right now, I told them a diaper. I still hide my infantilist side from a lot of people and even the ones that know don't know how into it I don't feel like sharing that. But being able to share the diaper thing openly is nice...anyone in familiar positions? How open are you with friends that know? Etc etc.

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    I think it's easier to share the infantile side of me and then later break into the fact that I wear diapers for comfort and for bedwetting. My family and friends all know this about me and we have discussions about it all the time. You're right, it is awesome

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    I don't tell anyone about it. I am very closed about it. I never want to talk about it even if I get caught.

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    I don't tell anyone about my diapers, because I find it to be on the "extreme" end of the spectrum and it isn't my business to involve anyone, but anyone with half a mind that knows me could guess I am an ageplayer. My house is full of stuffed animals, all my clothing tends to have a bit of a kiddy flair (lots of stuff with ruffles, all twee) and I would describe my bedroom as kid/nusery-ish even if it is subvert. A few people have came out to me about their own kink, and when I reciprocated the response is always "well that isn't that surprising." I have a pretty normal, successful day to day life so I don't think it is very shocking or off putting for people who know me since it isn't hurting me. To be honest I am not nearly as secretive about the diaper part as I could be either. At this point I just feel like if someone found out, and they couldn't handle it that I don't need them. I am not going to actively involve them regardless, so if just that knowledge changes their opinion of me so much then I am fine with that being it.

    I have had people in discussions ask why anyone with kinks would decide to come out, and being queer and having mostly queer friends it is always a little shocking to me that they couldn't figure it out. It isn't about wanting to involve everyone in your roleplay, it is about not feeling like you have to worry about losing your friend because they find a paci in your couch cushion when they visit, or they notice a bottle in your glass cabinet. It is nice to have control of the terms of being exposed instead of being thrust out by some random tell, and it removes a lot of anxiety over the situation.

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    I have one friend who knows. She's very supportive and we talk about it often. I told her because one day she came out and told me a kink she had. She seemed rather embarssed so I shared my secret. Now she sends me AB stuff from time to time as little presents.

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    I keep my little side to myself. Only my wife knows, but if you come to my house, I have four plushies on the bed. My big teddy bear wears a onsie. You might find my sippy cup in the sink waiting to be put in the dishwasher. Normally I am careful so these things are out of sight if my family comes home to visit. I don't want to deal with the questions.

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    My wife has shared my need with many in the family (the girls), and thats pretty embrassing! I don't talk about it except when dad had a wetting problem from a back op. He could hardly believe that was causeing his wetting probs. I def confirmed that is totally possiable.

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    I've haven't told anyone IRL, but I would really like to. Not to involve them or anything, but Frillyfoxy sums it up pretty well, plus I wouldn't mind doing ADISC like discussions in person.

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