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Thread: Do you think my mother was bluffing or just ignorant?

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    Default Do you think my mother was bluffing or just ignorant?

    I remember when I was in 6th grade, I finally had the courage to say I wanted diapers. But my parents said no to it. Mom told me how it was very hard to potty train me and you lose bladder control if you wear them because you just be letting it go whenever you have to go than holding it. She told me I would lose bladder control and I would end up having to wear them and I'd be stuck in them and no one would want to share a room with me in college and no one wouldn't want to marry me because they wouldn't want to deal with the stinky diapers. She also told me how my life be going backwards than forwards because no one would want to be around me because they wouldn't like dealing with the smell. I believed this for years. Then at age 17 when I found out about incontinence, I saw how they still had families and jobs and friends so of course diapers wouldn't hold you back and if incontinent people could still live normal lives, so could I if I wore them too and lost bladder control.

    Now I wonder what she thinks of me proving her wrong because I got married and had a kid and I have a job. But I had to find another guy who was into it too.

    So do you think my mother was just saying all that to get me over the diaper desires or was she just ignorant because she hated the fetish so much?

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    Probably a little of each. She was probably just trying to talk you out of it by over-exaggerating a possible outcome. She may have actually believed it was possible from ignorance, and she may have based it on some fact or some situation she had heard about or seen on TV. But chances are it was just a parental 'scare-tactic'... Just like if you make that face it will stick like that, or if you swim after eating you could get a cramp and die, or if you sit too close to the TV you could go blind.

    Parents have been using scare tactics for as long as parents have seen behaviours they want to correct.

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    Well it sure worked because I didn't want to wear so I had that desire blocked for years. I never asked her about it to see if she was just bluffing or if she was serious and actually thought that.

    I know of another scare tactic, if you pee in the pool, the water can change color because of some chemical they put in there.

    But isn't sitting too close to the TV bad for your eyes?

    Let's see, I remember mom telling me she wouldn't have married my dad if he was in diapers so maybe she was talking from her experience. What's funny is as an adult she has actually told me to change my diaper because it was smelling or asking me if I have any extras with me. My ex said that was because she didn't want me leaking all over or smelling. She has even helped me get rid of my used diapers. One time I messed in one and it stunk up the whole house so my parents came upstairs and told me to change out of that diaper so I did after I was done with something. Then they came upstairs again and asked me where is that diaper and I pointed to the closet and they got a plastic bag and got it out of the house and tossed it in the outside trash can in the garage. They have actually acted supportive about it. I also remember when I was 18, mom told me politely. "Beth I have a request for you, please throw your diapers away outside, not in the kitchen because when we open it, the urine smell comes out and it's so gross." I had them in a plastic bag so they couldn't be seen but mom knew they were in there because of the stench. Now she is telling me I need to quit wearing them and wear a pad instead and that I have a addictive personality. But I don't want to quit but I think about my son everyday and wonder how I will keep it hidden from him and what if he snoops. Luckily she doesn't tell me to take them off. I wonder if she touches my butt just to see if I have one on but she has always done this, even before I started wearing again.

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    I think it might be a bluff but a bluff for your best intrests in her eyes. Maybe ignorance maybe love, who knows but good on you .

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    Calico, as a DL with kids I've got the same situation. There's really no way around it - you will be out shopping with your son, just the two of you, and you'll need to change. Once he's older than about 16 months, he'll probably start paying attention to what you're doing, and you'll have to decide.

    If you decide to keep wearing and eventually admit that you still need to wear diapers, don't worry too much. It has been done before many times by many parents for physical and emotional reasons. From what I can tell, kids will accomplish potty training at their own rate, regardless of their parents' underwear needs.

    If you decide to continue hiding it and wearing occasionally for fun, you'll have to wear less often - at night (under clothes that hide it well, in case you need to get up and help your kid when he's sick/scared/sad), during naptime, and whenever he can be watched by someone else in case you have to go change. Even then you'll have to worry about your diaper being seen/heard/smelled and asked about.

    I presume it would confuse little kids if you let them think diapers are a choice/preference/option. If you say they're a need, it would have to be a constant one. So, like many things in life, I guess it's a question of priorities.

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    My parents essentially said the same thing to me in relation to then girlfriend at the time. It was especially hurtful because it was just after I told her (and she didn't accept it) and my parents found out a few days later. My current partner has no qualms about it at all, so I guess everything works out in the end.
    I think it was her way of suggesting you were in a phase or making you see it that way, which didn't work I see.

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    What I find funny is that your mom basically said that no guy would want to marry a girl who wore diapers. Which is funny because pretty much every straight AB/DL guy wants to be married to a girl that wears diapers.

    I am one of the lucky guys and even though my wife isn't AB/DL she's totally okay with it.

    As far as kids go, I told my wife I was DL just before our 1st child was born over 3 years ago. We haven't had any issues and I wear all the time, I'm discreet about it and our 3 year old hasn't noticed yet. I kept it from my wife for 5 years so I don't think it will be an issue keeping it from our kids. What does worry me is that I liked to snoop around when I was a kid so I do worry that they will eventually find my stash. For now I just do my best to be discreet about it and I don't think they will find out. We have a rule that the kids aren't allowed in our room so that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokeh View Post
    What I find funny is that your mom basically said that no guy would want to marry a girl who wore diapers. Which is funny because pretty much every straight AB/DL guy wants to be married to a girl that wears diapers.
    Why is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Why is that?
    It's funny because what your mom said isn't true at all and there are actually lots of guys who would want to marry a girl that wears diapers.

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