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Thread: Interesting thing i found about us

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    Default Interesting thing i found about us

    What is True Infantilism?

    doesn't vilify us and is written from a purely scientific standpoint. I found it rather exact. Was wondering how you all felt about it.

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    vary interesting read. I like her view on it and agree with it.

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    There are very few articles about us on the Internet that i actually like, but that is certainly one of them!

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    That is a good and informative article. What a huge surprise. They are certainly few and far between.

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    I thought it was a pretty interesting read, I enjoyed the author's point of view and the closing comments. It's really interesting that more people aren't studying this "phenomenon", considering there is very little information out there about us. I'm surprised that no breakthroughs have been made since people first started seeing us pop up in different places.

    Anyways, thanks for posting the article. It was a good read.


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    OH so true she hit it right on the head for me I guess I am an advanced baby, does that mean I get to go first for a diaper change.

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    Yes, this one has been around for some time now. It really does read very well to most of us. I do recall there being some criticism. Maybe coming from Bittergrey, but I'm not certain of that.

    This is one of the first things I sent to my girlfriend when she found out about me.

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