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Thread: NASA Briefs!

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    Default NASA Briefs!

    Hey everyone, I was looking up some diapers online and saw this: Super Absorbent Adult Nasa Briefs Case Small/Medium 24" - 36" Waist (60 Per Case): Health & Personal Care

    Anyone ever heard of these before? It's based on the MAG technology used in the astronaut spacesuits!

    Sorry if this is nothing new to anyone, I just now found them. They don't seem too badly priced either! And I know, it's not babyish...but it seems like it'd be a really good diaper nonetheless!

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    Yeah. They are on a lot of sites. They are manufactured by Wellness. Nothing new. But they do look pretty good. I may try them next after 24/7's.

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    I tried these when I got the variety pack from ABU a long time ago.
    They are a very good diaper in my opinion.

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    Well the MAGs as you must know, is in my mind the most absorbent undergarment out there, such so that you can't even buy the things yourself.

    Combine that technology and mass production, and you have one very affordable yet absorbent diaper!
    I must try these some time!

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    I had a post recently on these but you might find the news link interesting. Also they aren't the most absorbant sad to say. They are described as "super absorbent biker shorts" which does describe a pullup. Tape diapers will hold a lot more. So far on the market Dry24/7 is the leader.

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    I haven't heard of these but I'm intrigued I prefer pull ups over taped diapers. So these sound a step up from goodnights at least :p

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    The difference is that absorbancy is MUCH grater in zero gravity due to, I think, better easier and more uniform distribution. There was an article somewhere around the internet that did a pretty good job explaining why they are so absorbent in space. How much capacity they have here on earth compared to a Goodnite for example is hard to tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llayden View Post
    How much capacity they have here on earth compared to a Goodnite for example is hard to tell.
    Actually, one of the primary uses is before take-off. They'll easily take at least a liter or 2.

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    I tried these wellness briefs and they worked well. I loved how soft and comfortable they were. But one pet peeve that I had with them is they are not for on the go people at all. The padding in the butt keeps on bunching up and becoming like a uncomfortable stone and it is right where you sit down.

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