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Thread: Where to secretly buy large boy Goodnites online?

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    Default Where to secretly buy large boy Goodnites online?

    I have recently wanted to go and wear goodnites just because for old times sake. I know that amazon and other websites sell them, but they most likely dont do discreet shipping. I do not want suggestions for other diapers/pullups please. I cannot walk into a store to buy them, so is there some place online where I could buy Large/XL boy goodnites and have them discreetly shipped? Please and Thanks alot!

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    You can get them from most medical supply stored (online) I'm pretty sure north shore care and xp medical carry them.

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    xp medical has never carried goodnites but north shore care does carry them and their products are shipped discreetly

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    Orders from Amazon are shipped discreetly, they put everything - even whole retail cases - inside their own packaging.
    Just make sure your order is coming from Amazon themselves and not another seller.

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    Try north shore care

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