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    The single most brutal game ever released on any console is here, and I have been playing it obsessively over the last week.

    I have decided to prove my worth as a gamer by going for the full 1,000 gamerscore on Dark Souls. It is insanity, sure, but it will give me a nice diversion from my efforts to get full gamerscore on Star Ocean - The Last Hope.

    Is anybody else here brave enough to tackle Dark Souls head on?

    Needless to say, I did have a hilarious moment the first three hours I was playing it. I kept on trying to kill the Asylum Demon repeatedly with only the sword hilt in my hands, and I kept on getting killed, then after dying about a hundred times, I noticed the message on the floor that said, "Run Away!". I did just that, and suddenly the game seemed to be SO much easier to deal with. Heh.

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    Yeah, I've been playing it on and off recently, I gotta say, it's great.

    It is frustrating sometimes, but its so satisfying to get it right and finish a part you've been stuck on. I'm not sure about getting all the achievements/trophies, although I've never looked at the whole list, though I am guessing some of them would drive me insane.

    Anyways, I play a warrior base with the elite knight armor, and the dragon tail sword as my main weapon. I love short ranged combat.

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    I'd play it. But apparently the studio is like "WAAAAHHH, we don't like PC."

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