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Thread: can somebody please tell me what a fur is?

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    Question can somebody please tell me what a fur is?

    sorry, dont mean to be rude or something, just never known what it is...

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    If you mean what is a furry rather than a fur,
    well, being a furry is different for everyone. Myself as I see it it is a spiritual thing, it is like a part of an animal (A white tiger ) in my case came into this person with my soul from a last life. *possibly* I was cat like even as a small child. On the other paw I was only 2 pounds in weight when born (less than 1 kilo) and I was kept alive in an incubator so I did not get much human contact in my early weeks of life. So I did not bond with humans so much as others did. I wear a fursuit that tries to reflect my inner self (a White Tiger).
    Being a furry is different for everyone, some like anime, some just like the furry art, and some are complete fruit cakes. Some mundanes call any fur a nutcase, a crackpot, a wierdo. Some call me a wierdo magnet. *laughs*
    I have to act "normal" when I am working or out and about in general public. I keep my furryness hidden from those that I think would not want to or even try to understand what a furry is.
    That is it in short. I do go to furry conventions :3

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    This site has a very good definition in it's articles, just go to Articles -> Babyfur -> furry 101

    In short, a furry is a fan of anthropomorphic animals. Every fur expresses their love for anthros differently, some fursuit, others look at art. If you say you're a furry (and you mean it) then you are a furry. Again, look at the article on the site, it's better than my explanation.

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    There really is nothing "furry". Its meaning can vary from furry to furry.
    We just have most the same interest. Like ThomasHuskyMuffin said, its being a fan of anthropomorphic. Which is the biggest part.
    It can be art, cartoons/anime, or anything else.

    If you think you are a furry then you are.
    Just like the parts you want to. Don't need a fursonia, or animal side, or character. Unless you want to.
    Some are just supporters of the fandom.

    Also no it wasn't rude, you were just wondering. No harm in that. :3

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    kurrel the raven was my first furry music artist.
    it is much win.

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    As someone who has no furry tendencies, but who has become interested in it due to the ABDL link, I found this thread to be very useful and informative. Thanks all, adisc rules

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