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Thread: My very first halloween

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    Default My very first halloween

    Hello everyone,

    I am soooooooo exited, this yr will be the first yr ever that I am partaking in halloween. I know this sounds weird because I am 20 yrs old and have never partaken in halloween. Due to some personal family issues and beliefs I never got to participate in halloween. At least now that I am in college, I can do whatever I want lol, I honestly really feel like an elementary school kid, (maybe a kindagardner, lets go with 4 yrs old lol.) I bought my costume today when my friends and I went halloween shopping, I had to chose between Woody from Toy Story, the Green Lantern, Darth Vader, Batman, or iron man 2, (such little kid choices lol, because Im a little kid) I decided to go with Woody from Toy Story because Woody is awesome, and Toy Story along with other Disney/Pixar movies are awesome, my friends and I may even go trick or treating, im soooooo happy, wish me luck everybody!!!

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    Good luck, TKing. I hope you have a fun Halloween.

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    If you've never heard of bag snatching let me see your Trick or Treat bag and I'll explain it.

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    YAYAYAYYYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!! Me and Daddy are gonna be Little Red Riding Hood and a Werewolf hehe we will most likely go to bars instead of trick or treating just because I am 21 now. haha LUCK!

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