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Thread: Ordered some new diapers

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    Default Ordered some new diapers

    While placing a order with XP the other day the need for impulse grabbed me and I added a pair of the plastic pants they carry to my order, has anyone tried these? Im cruious to see how well they cover disposeables.

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    I'm not a big fan of plastic pants with taped disposables as they trap heat which builds moisture and reduces the reliability of the tapes. Some people seem to like them, though. I think they're better with the faux cloth covered disposables but I don't like those, so I'm not as likely to use them. They can give you an additional layer of protection with disposables but it's not too reliable since there's no way for any liquid to be reabsorbed into your diaper. Mostly they go with cloth diapers and obviously they're good for that.

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