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Thread: Custom Plushies of your childhood drawings

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    Red face Custom Plushies of your childhood drawings

    Hey everyone!

    I recently stumbled upon this wonderful website where they take a child's drawing and make it into a plush toy!

    Custom making stuffed toys with children by Child's Own Studio

    I think they're extremely wonderful! What are your guys thoughts? Would you want one as well? I do want one of a character I used to draw as a kid I think it'd help me regress more because it's something really straight out of my childhood!

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    That is an amazing website! It is probably quite costly, however what I wouldn't give to have the pictures I made as a child come to life! Sounds like such an wondrous opportunity! I will have to send in my request when they start taking orders in Jan next year. Thanks for sharing

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    That looks pretty cool (but not taking orders at the moment it says). I'd quite like to get some of my childhood drawings plushiefied.

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    =) I'm glad to bring this up for you guys! I saw this and I only thought was that I needed to share this because it's just amazing!

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    Please tell me I'm not the only one that saw the robot from the megaman legends series in there. I don't even want to draw my own. I want one of those cute guys.

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