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    I am planning on spending a month in Southern Europe this summer and was wondering what I should do about diapers. Should I just go without for that time or should I try and bring some diapers with me? What about buying diapers while I am there? I have not gone nearly that long without diapers since I turned 15 -I'm not actually sure if I could handle that much time without them.

    I doubt I will wear on the 12+ hour flight, but maybe I should. I have never flown before and it sounds like it could be a bad experience to go through security.

    Oh, and I will be sharing a room with one or more other students the entire time, but I'm sure I will have some degree of privacy at least some of the time. I wear all the time now and I have a roommate.

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    For a month, i'd probably bring some, especially if you already wear all of the time and have figured out how to deal with having a room mate and wearing. I'd probably pack a diaper or two in a carry on for the flight, in case you feel like wearing, and then have a few in your bags for the trip.
    By the way, that is the trip for, sounds like it'd be fun.

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    I don't think wearing a diaper on a plane is super weird. Though if anything carry one in your carry-on bag and change before you get on your flight if you're a little worried about security.

    Personally other than that....maybe a few,but I think you'd want more time exploring and having fun in Europe than worrying about diapers (just my opinion) Hope you have a great trip!

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    I would say go without. Over the summer I was in Rural China(and by rural I mean RURAL) for a month teaching English and I ponder the idea of having to go without them for an entire month and honestly, I was so busy each day with teaching, talking to students, meeting new people, and go out to explore the village and experience my "celebrity status" (Another story for another time ) that I had no time to even think about wearing. I would say go without and focus on exploring and meeting new people and making new friends!

    On a side note, the people you meet abroad are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. The people I met in Beijing and throughout the country are now some of my best friends that I have in my life.

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    Yes, I second go without. I just spent a month in Europe no diapers involved. Well none for me anyhow. 1 yr old son in tow used, let's just say, more than 3. However, my girlfriend snuck my paci into her bag and gave it to me about a week into the trip. This was a beautiful surprise especially considering the very difficult time she's been having with this part of me. So Patrick, if you have been known to enjoy a paci from time to time, maybe just bring that. It's so portable and requires minimal obfuscation effort. Too much baby stuff can weigh you down and possibly limit some of the new things you would otherwise experience on a great trip.

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    Europe is, in general, an easy place to get diapers... In most areas, the pharmacy will have them (you must ask, they are not usually displayed), and these are usually Abena, Molicare, or (European-style) Attends (which are far better than their US equivalent).

    If you are within the EU at all, you can also order from Save Express (Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland) and have them delivered to a hotel.

    I am patiently awaiting my delivery, which should arrive in the next day or so; and in the mean time, enjoying some good Austria food and beer.

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    I don't know to which country you go, but be aware that in Holland adult diapers are not very easy to come by. Most pharmacists (nown here as 'apotheek') don't have them on stock (they can order however - Tena, Molicare), you could also try specialized medical stores ('Zorgwinkel' - but there aren't easily found).

    If you want DryNites: they can easily be obtained at most Chemists ('Drogisterij') like Etos, Kruidvat (has it's own brand) or DA.

    Enjoy your stay.


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