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    Hey! I figured it's time to say hi!

    I've been into this for a long time. I guess I'm a little different, though...I'm a diaper fan...not a diaper wearer. I'd love to have a bf who wore.

    Anyway, I'm also on aby and rupadded, if you want to check me out!

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    How do I get rid of lurker status? I can't read any posts?

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    Hey dboyluvr, welcome to the site. Hope you have a good time here. And you're already a Newbie - that means you should be able to read the public forums. If you post around a bit you'll gain Regular status, which gives you the ability to see the Regulars only forum. I think it's only 20 posts including your introduction, and most people meet that in a day or two. I tend to be more introverted than others so it took me maybe 4 days to hit 20 posts, and if you're talkative or just excited you can make it in an hour. Have fun on the boards and be sure to drop into IRC sometime.


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    Hello, it is always good to see new faces around.

    Anyway have fun here, as Danny said make sure you get into the IRC sometimes, it gets fun there. You don't have to use MIRC for that, just install Mozilla Firefox and Chatzilla, and you'll be ready to chat.

    Also make sure you read the Wiki, there's a lot of good info in there (that will prevent you from asking what is already written).

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    It should be also a week but for some reason that is not the case anymore (will be fixed).

    Anyhow, welcome aboard. Have fun

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