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Thread: Rumba Panties

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    Default Rumba Panties

    I looked my absolute hardest but could not find a link...

    Aaaaannnnnyyyyywaaaaayyyssss, last night I was at Walmart with Daddy and we were looking at Halloween costumes. And what do we come across?! Rumba panties they had white and black. Had to get the white ones of course hehe so just something for the rest of you to keep in mind. Check your local Walmart!

    Oh, they were about ten dollars... yes pricey, especially for how cheaply they are made... but they are also being used for my Little Red Riding Hood costume (and Daddy is being a Werewolf!)

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    Good for you =D

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    Thanks for the heads up!

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    hmm, interesting to note. Thanks for the information! And way to keep the rest of us 'in the know'!

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    I had to look up what they are lol. but they look sweet; never actually thought about wearing them hm. Might be some idea though.

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    Watch for the mark-down sales the day after Halloween, when the stores are trying to clear the shelves to make room for Christmas items. Last year I bought four Rhumba panties ( they only had four left in stock, or I would have bought more ) from one of the ' Spirit ' Halloween stores, for just a few dollars each. They were ' Legs Avenue ' brand, and were of good quality. The size is a bit smaller than I need for a comfortable fit, but they were so damn cute, I had to have them.

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    lol i might go check this out X3 i don't think they will have ones that fit me tho.

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    I know there are internet sites that sell rumba panties, but I can't remember which ones. I'm sure Fetware would have them. When I was little, you'd see them all the time on toddler girls. Back in the day when 99 percent of all diapers were cloth, little ones had to wear plastic pants so they wouldn't leak on the floor or the furniture. Sometimes mothers would put rumba panties on the girls. As a little boy, I got turned on by them....sigh.

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    At my walmart now. Couldn't find any. They in the costumes section?

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