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Thread: Do you have depression?

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    Default Do you have depression?

    My depression has so much to do with my AB nature. Do a lot of you have it? Does that contribute to your AB/DLism? And how do you cope?

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    I do not have depression. I feel sorry for people that do. However, my AB/DL'ness has nothing to do with depression. It can be a stress coping mechanism, but is not linked to depression.

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    I think I have mild depression. I think that my depression was probably caused by my TB/DL-ness (amongst other things). Which is ironic, because the thing that [I think] caused my depression, is one of the few things that gives relief from it.

    So, yes, the two are linked, as far as I can see in any case.

    An as odd as it sounds, metal (the music genre), makes me feel good, and happy, and it gives me something to look forward to. (Can't fucking wait for Iowa 10th anniversary!!!)
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    I don't have depression per se, but I have anxiety that is hard to live with. I'm on Prozac.

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    Yes, I have a rather serious case of depression. I have been on anti-depressants since the fourth grade, have very low self-esteem, and am very emotional. Let me just say that it hurts, and there is no cure for it.

    Does this relate to me TB/DL side? Probably not, as I have accepted who I am. In fact, regressing helps me cope with my depression. But depression is something I have had for a long time and still fight against today.

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    I have varying degrees of depression. As much as I like Saturday and not having to go to work, that can be my most depressing day, because I'm home and not working. In college I had it so bad that I would just stay in bed and sleep. This was during my Freshman year. Because of it I had two F's and several D's. My Sophomore year was one of extreme self harming. Eventually I improved, but by my Senior year I had a psychotic break and a trip to the shrink.

    I try to stay busy, and I'm happier when I'm doing things. My writing has been a catharsis, helping me to piece together the stray bits that make up my life. I think it's important to have things in one's life to look forward to. My wife and I go out to eat a couple nights a week. I enjoy music and other activities. It helps.

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    I have spiraled into depression several times in my life. I have always been a very emotional person. In the past couple years I have had random panic attacks and I was diagnosed with anxiety. I've been on Lexapro and now I'm on Trazadone. I was off of my medication for a while and it lead to loss of interest and sadness. I've always taken things to heart for as long as I remember. I think the medication really balances me out.

    Anxiety and depression sucks but look on the bright side, at least you do not have schizophrenia or manic depression.

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    3+ suicide attempts (I can't remember the others too well after my last one). I have major depression, but I've learned to control (most) of it. I cut out the things that make me depressed (I thought I needed them, but I've never been happier), and I found ways to accept myself (through prayer and such, but if I'm wrong about God being a good guy, I'm always prepared for the "screw you, God" approach".

    I don't take anti-depressants, and I still feel the depression, but I'm happier than when I was on them in the first place, and I only have very rare serious episodes (mostly me feeling like I'm letting down my GF because I'm not an ideal partner with being AB and Transgender), but my GF is always there for me, and handles it very well.

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    Yes, I've been diagnosed with it. I've also tried a couple meds. Neither of them did much and I hated the side effects.

    I've learned to live with it and try to see the good things in life. I've never attempted suicide. While a lot of times life is miserable, I don't exactly yearn for death either. I guess I just keep going, hoping for better.

    My LF side is a wonderful escape. It's helped me find balance and, to be honest, is one of the few lasting forces that helps goad me out of bed every morning.

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    Wow, I had no idea that depression was so rampant in the AB/DL community. Then again, perhaps it's part of society at large. It's almost no wonder people have depression. I mean, the break-neck pace of the world is enough to give anyone problems. If someone could come forward in time and see today's world,,they'd probably think we were ALL nuts for living the way we do.

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