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Thread: Furries come up in College discussion

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    Default Furries come up in College discussion

    So I'm actually not a furry of an sort, but obviously being active on this site I have been exposed to it and probably know more of them (albeit online) than the average person.

    Anyway, today in one of my college classes we were talking about deviance, so obviously anything on this site is fair game. To introduce the topic the professor had a slide with furries posing for a picture in a parade or something. The professor then had us list things we thought of as deviant subcultures and people listed the usual suspects, hipsters, goths ect. Then I said, "furries" and the professor was like "you just outed yourself as someone who knows what a furry is. I presumably blushed and needless to say things got really awkward. I kind of wanted to say "why are you so surprised that someone knew what that was if you found a picture online by probably Googling something like "deviant subcultures"?"

    I just thought I would share this with you guys as furries apparently come up in everyday life. It really caught me off-guard. Anyone else have similar experiences?

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    did it occur to anyone else that the professor knows what it is too?
    i mean, it's not exactly a secret cult or anything, anyway.

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    Even CSI had a show about furries. It is surprising, however, the number of people who aren't familiar. There's a gay teacher at our school, and I mentioned furries in conversation and had to explain it to her. My story, "Werewolf" is about furries, and I had given her a copy of it as she is an English writing teacher.

    So did you speak up and say, yes, furries and adult babies and diaper lovers, in a loud voice?

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    Dogboy, in a perfect world I would have been like "if you think furries are bizarre, you should learn about adult babies!". She went on to ask me to explain what a furry was and I just said, "they like to dress up in furry costumes", figuring that would suffice. Then she said "and they get off to it!" then laughed for a while. There are so many things I could have said including "not all furries are in it for the sexual aspect, just like not all adult babies are aroused by diapers and baby stuff." Alas, I feel like that might have gone too far.

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    That was a trap I think even if your teacher didn't know it. If you went into detail suddenly your someone who knows much more about furries than the normal person would be exposed to. I think you did the right thing in staying quiet.

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    That's such a stupid thing to say. HE found it and put the picture up. 'Sides, I was hanging with some other furs at my local sci-fi con recently, a lot of people came up and said 'hey furries!' (some of us were in fur suit)

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    Ya, anyone that has been to a sci-fi or an anime con would have been exposed to fureies. And really, most Internet addicts have been exposed to furries, too.

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    You merely have to visit a meme type site to be exposed to furries, they also tend to appear in the odd tv show or documentary. I think I first found out about furries while looking at diaper videos on YouTube.

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    You missed a great opportunity to be an ambassador, rather than letting the anti-furry types and the "hur hur look how goofy they is!" types dominate the conversation. You could have taken the opportunity to present an alternative view that most of them probably hadn't heard, one that is a little more positive and reminds others that we all have our quirks and that furries are usually pretty decent people. I am completely unashamed to admit that I dated a furry for a bit, and I'll jump in with the other side of the conversation (and point out, as well, that the relationship ended not because he was a furry, but because we were not a good couple). In this case, especially, the prof has probably only heard of furries tangentially from some academic angle, and he was probably hoping that someone would step up and say a good word about them, in the hopes of facilitating conversation about deviant subcultures from the perspective of the unwashed masses and from those at least somewhat associated. Such a conversation would probably bring about some interesting points about what drives the deviation and would prove enlightening to everyone.

    I'll be honest-I'm kinda disappointed that you chickened out.

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