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Thread: Noise on Abena's

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    Default Noise on Abena's

    I've been looking around and I cannot find anywhere any kind of posts regarding how noisy the normal Abena Abriform Xplus's are.

    Anyone got any first hand experience? IE like is it as loud as rustling a plastic bag,etc and if the noise is noticeable under say something light like PJ's?

    Been trying to decided between the normal plastic backed ones and the 'Air' ones that have the cloth backing and all the sudden the idea that the plastic backed ones are as loud as a shopping bag popped into my head, lol.

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    I wouldn't really know either, but I'd get the plastic ones. The cloth ones make almost no noise, which is a plus, but they sort of feel less..diapery. I also tend to forget that they're there after a while, and whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

    The plastic ones would probably be audible under light pyjamas, but a heavy duvet would help with that, and apparently plastic pants lessen the noise as well if you can get your hands on any of those.

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    Well it's not like Abena would be marketing their products to be noisy. :p

    But to be honest, I've never really hear much about Abena diapers. People always talk about how great they are, but not much else.

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    They are kinda noisy actually and the plastic is a bit thin on them. They're my only two reservations about Abri Forms.

    I've never used the Airplus ones.

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    I forgot to mention, the plastic is also waterproof. With the cloth ones, once they've been soaked enough it starts to leak straight through.

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    Not really- they kinda shuffle a bit sometimes, but as long as you don't soak them, under Pjs, they don't make much noise, if any at all that I've noticed. Of course, it helps that I'm experienced with them, and have learned how to walk without making noise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammywa View Post
    I forgot to mention, the plastic is also waterproof. With the cloth ones, once they've been soaked enough it starts to leak straight through.
    really? I'd think they found something for that, like a thin layer underneath?

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    I wear Abriforms quite frequently (the "normal" ones, with plastic backing) and I didn't find them to be much noisier than most of the other diapers I wear. If you're worried about noise, you might want to use plastic pants over them, they cut the crinkle nearly to zero (I've been wearing in silent rooms and around friends of mine and I swear that with plastic pants over them they weren't acoustically noticeable at all).

    Moreover, Abriforms are the dispers with the best absorption level I've ever experienced.

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    I've got a package of plastic-backed Abena X-Plus and Abena Super right now. I can definitely hear them under light (ie, men's flannel sleep pants) pajamas, and imagine the rustle would be evident to others in a dead-silent room. With heavier pants (like cargoes/jeans) or in a somewhat noisier room, they are close to inaudible. Interestingly, the Supers--meant more for daytime--seem quieter than the X-Pluses.

    Oh yeah, and neither diaper is half as loud as Depends Overnights... which definitely sound like a plastic bag in one's shorts.


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