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Thread: Glaice's Brutal Videos

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    Cool Glaice's Brutal Videos

    I am using the BrutalDoom mod to record and share videos of my ventures through maps, both the IWADs and various PWADs. If you like classic Doom, you will like these videos!

    Youtube page

    Some notable videos out of the bunch to check out for those interested..

    Suspended in Dusk Map01 - YouTube Suspended in Dusk MAP01
    2002 A Doom Odyssey, E1M1 BrutalDoom - YouTube 2002 A Doom Odyssey E1M1
    Hell Revealed MAP01 w/ BrutalDoom - YouTube Hell Revealed MAP01
    Evilution MAP01, System Control - YouTube Evilution MAP01
    Unholy Trinity with BrutalDoom - YouTube Unholy Trinity
    REQUIEM.WAD, MAP01 with BrutalDoom mod - YouTube Requiem MAP01
    Crossing Acheron - YouTube Crossing Acheron

    By all means, provide feedback on the vids, I like it.

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    Good gravy, that old game?!? I thought nobody appreciated it anymore, let alone made mods for it.

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