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Thread: Your current diet?

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    Default Your current diet?

    For some odd reason I was wondering what this diaper community is eating.
    I'm currently on bunny food diet (vegetarian if that confused you)

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    the "bunny food diet" made me laugh.

    right now i'm on a strict diet of peanut butter sandwiches, mt dew, and pizza.
    and whatever other food i can possibly get my paws on. :3

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    It's all bunny food for this ABDL as well, hence my signature's modification of the lolcat refrain.

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    I eat a hell of a lot of microwaveable and oven-heated food, but other than that I eat pretty healthily.

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    I used to be on a see food diet. That's changed tough since I lived on my own. I found eating less and healthier turned out to be a lot cheaper!!!! So I accustomed my diet and now ill eat most anything so long as it has few calories. Those usually means lots of salads...leftovers. XD burgers (homemade) sushi and a range of other things. I don't like eating the same thing too much.

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    I have made a shift in the past few years, away from fast-food, soda, pizza, other junk food, oh and did I mention pizza?..
    (I had a friend order a pizza with bacon and pepperoni on it.. looked disgusting, and I haven't touched pizza since)

    I enjoy healthy food more so than junk food. If I go out to eat at a fast-food place, I usually order grilled foods instead of the regular burgers or fried chicken.

    And sushi.. it.

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    A couple years ago, when I lived in Ohio. I worked security for a large company. I manned the control room. because of this, I would usually eat fast food most nights while at work. When I went into the control room I weighed 220Lbs. at the end of 6 years i was up to 270 Lbs. But also, keep in mind I stand 6'6", so even at 270Lbs I wasn't a fat slob,,,,but I was well on my way to being one. plus, being single I wasn't all that motivated to cook. Since it was just me, and I had a good job, I ate out probably 80% of the time.

    Fast forward to today; my wife is an AWESOME cook! She has certain sensitivities to additives in processed foods. So, a lot of what we eat at home is home made. Most off my meals now are well balanced with meats and vegetables. My dining out activities have dropped to about 10% of the time.

    And you know you have married a good cook when the wife can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels while still making the tummy very happy in the process!

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    I'll eat anything. Except for tomatoes. I'll eat tomatoes if they're in a sauce, like on pasta or something, or in a soup, or a pizza. Just not on their own.

    Really, it's whatever my mum puts in front of me, and then everyone's leftovers, especially if those leftovers contain meat.

    I don't eat too unhealthily, I'll eat my veg an' stuff. I LOVE meat! I also eat a lot of cereal (between 1 and 3 bowls a day), it's just easy! We eat out a fair bit as well so that isn't overly healthy.

    So, I eat a lot, and I don't exercise. But I'm not fat! Don't you just love being a teenager!

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    Chalk one more up for the bunny food diet! The only exception is sushi. I've found that eating basically all fruits and vegetables makes me feel tons better throughout the day. When it comes to the world of drinks though, its all about tea.

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