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Thread: Pampers Extra Protection Size 6

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    Cool Pampers Extra Protection Size 6

    So this post is kind of a spinoff of someone elses from the other day announcing a huge sale at target on pampers extra protection, and I purchased a case of 45 size 6 for $16 and some change, I forget what the retail value was because these were on clearance.

    So I haven't been able to tape on an baby diaper in as long as i can remember, I am a 6 ft 200lb 22 yr old male and was able to stretch these to fit my frame and I have pretty large butt as well, i mean not to offend anyone.

    I therefore suggest members of similar or less frame to try these if not just for the deal but the possibility of being able to fit in these as well

    Has anybody else discovered this before and where do you suggest I find size 7 cruisers?

    I you try it out please share if it worked or not

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    Could you please European-ise the values of your body, i dont know your LBS's or feet.

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    I'm really sorry for coming off as extremely blunt, and I really don't mean to offend you; but asking Google for the conversions isn't that hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oboysetht View Post
    Has anybody else discovered this before and where do you suggest I find size 7 cruisers?
    I've found Extra Protection 6 and Baby Dry 6 to be similarly stretchy, but the 3-Way Fit Cruisers definitely win. If I stretch carefully, I can get the tapes on EP to reach the ends of the wing on the front of the diaper, and they can hold there for a little while. With Cruisers, I can get the tapes all the way to the landing zone, and then they never let go.

    Perhaps amusingly, I've found that I can stretch the tapes on EP size 5 further than EP size 6. And I can tape them on (still, the tapes go only to the wings), but they ride far too low to be easily used. Cruisers 7 is sort of my minimum bar for wearing as-is. The others I'll wear inside underwear.

    As I mentioned on the Target thread, I get Cruisers 7 from either Safeway or Babies 'R' Us.

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