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    Hi my name is Uzu or Lee and I am a furry living in London. I would not class myself as a babyfur but more of a caretaker. I don't wear diapers myself but find other people in them very cute. I have been registered on this website for almost 2 years now but never said hello I just observed quietly. However a few weeks ago I met Squirtle from here and we are now an item so I thought I would show my face more around here.

    I am currently at college hopefully going on to do Biomedical engineering (If Squirtle stops distracting me from assignments). I also enjoy singing and the occassional drink and game of pool with friends. I would really like to meet some new friends here and hopefully learn a bit more about the caretakers role so I can be a better one for Squirtle. Just in general would like to be more involved in the community as I regularly help out at the local AB night in London and everyone seems really nice and friendly.

    Thanks for reading and look forward to chatting to you all.


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    Hey cutey Lion, glad to see you making use of the forums. And its not fair to say im distracting you from assignments - im merely helping *grabs colouring pencils*
    Anyways, i dun really need to read your intro, i know you well enough
    luvv you :3

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