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    whenever i'm alone and bored, i just start to think about random things. i was kind of spacing out doing just that, when a while ago i realized how i have absolutely no grasp of what social practices are and aren't accepted.

    things like why it's taboo for some people to do certain things as harmless as, say, wearing diapers. on the other side of things, how it's completely okay and even encouraged for a person to act like they have no idea what the heck these "manners" are that everyone's talking about.

    i don't know... somehow, i've never really understood why some things are okay and some things aren't in today's society.

    i guess that it's kind of freeing, in a way. i'm not held back by the limitations of society blah blah blah... but i guess what i'm really trying to ask (other than if this makes sense or not) is what do you think about these things?

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    I think 'me too' and it is freeing sometimes: "When you belong nowhere, you are free to go anywhere, because to you it will be all the same."

    However, I do have a firm grasp on some of the important societal conventions: for example, being a serial killer is not acceptable behavior, nor is driving like you are playing Grand Theft Auto.

    But other, more minor, things can be pretty baffling (such as what things are considered age-appropriate, gender-appropriate, etc.). I'm finding that as time goes on, I think/care about society's apparent straitjacket less and less. No longer being subjected to high school and its own baffling rules of social conduct might have something to do with this... not that I paid particular attention to those in the first place.

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    You are educated (or are being educated) by the society you grew up in. The way you briefly define society seems way too specified on a group of people that act a certain way. Behavior in society at large is mostly a generalization of the way people act in public and sometimes their stories of the way they act in private. These generalizations of everyone have all come together to form the least common denominator of them and made that the definition of the behavior of society.

    What I'm trying to say is that I think everyone acts differently and no single person can conform to society's rules on behavior. Or rather, everyone conforms to society's rules and deviates from the most basic points to try to achieve individuality.

    Think about it. The members of ADISC are a part of society that happens to find wearing diapers perfectly acceptable.

    As far as considering certain things taboo, its all a matter of personal perspective. One cannot judge without having influence from another, thus we are all products of the environment we grew up in, but we cannot help but believe in what we were taught until we are old and wise enough to realize this and open our minds to new possibilities.

    What I really think? Society is a screwed up piece of shit and we can do away with that term all together. I hate sociology and I never managed to pass it in college. :P

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    What I think about these things... i wish i could answer now...(I'm in sleep deprivation)...

    ..I think that you made sense...

    ..I think, in short... it's a matter (intended) as respect for the sensitivities of others...probably, like so many other things...has gone too far from practicality...yet, the original meaning of intent...has been obfuscated...

    ..good/interesting topic for pondering...


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