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Thread: 30 Rock Misrepresenting?

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    Default 30 Rock Misrepresenting?

    I'm personally not a furry, but I love animals and think that the furry suits can be super cute. Anyway, I was watching the TV show 30 Rock with Tina Fay, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan. In this episode, Tina Fay is interested in a guy and he describes himself as a " plushy " and then goes on to describe himself as a furry. Is plushy a term for furry? I've never heard this before

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    Plushies dress up as stuffed animals, Furries dress up as animals. That's about it.

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    I have seen that episode, what it was trying to do was get a quick laugh from viewers. It doesn't really represent furries, seeing as furries aren't just people that "run around in mascot costumes and have orgies in hotel rooms." They just wanted to get the viewers to think the guy is weird, so they quickly pulled together a quick definition from most likely an un-educated source and called it good.

    I really don't think they were attacking the fandom, it was just intended as a quick joke. Even I forgot about it and I was the butt of the joke! No big deal.

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    I know there's more to furry than what they say. As a TBDL I can relate (I'm not just about sex and diapers), but I didn't feel like getting into the semantics of it. They definitely wanted to convey that he was a furry though, but ya, I don't think it was a shot at furries. It was just suppose to make him look odd and everyone would seem odd if their fetish was just brought up like that in that context. I personally, was entertained by the joke and don't feel strongly about this, was just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Locke View Post
    Plushies dress up as stuffed animals, Furries dress up as animals. That's about it.
    Okay, I knew plushies as stuffed animals originally, so that would make sense.

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    Sidenote... do you really expect '30 rock' to be the show that finally decides to give a clear-cut, completely accurate view of something the the public doesn't know much about?

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    To clarify here,

    A person calling themselves a "Plushy", Generally means that they are plushophiles, meaning the enjoy collecting and having relations with stuffed animals. Plushys are not necessarily furrys, and furrys are not necessarily plushys, but it is quite common to be both, which is why they are often do not know the difference.

    Plushys are not people who dress up as stuffed animals, that is a furry, more specifically a fursuiter. This is where it gets complicated, as some people enjoy "Plushification", or being turned into a plush, done by locking oneself into a fursuit, generally made with extra padding to be more alike a stuffed animal.

    Hope that helps some.

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    Well nothing is really "furry".
    Furries are just fans of shared interest. Hence the term fandom.
    We all dont share all the same interest, tho some are well shared more then others. Plushies are just one of those some furries like.

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