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Thread: Hello ... Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

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    Default Hello ... Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening

    Just Joined up.

    I'm 19 and a DL ... I'll get to that later

    I am a computer major at college and I have my own room. I'm really into all sorts of hobbies except sports. I am kinda self employed working with computers - enough that I do file taxes for my income in it.

    The gay thing well I dont really meet the stereotypes. Just not my thing I guess. I like playing with cars and getting dirty (prefer clean cars but oh well). I've always been single and never "done anything". My nature tends to attract the girls. I don't think this is related to the DL at all.

    As far as the DL goes, I just like ... or presumably like ... to wear for fun. Last time I used one was like 3 or 4 years ago on a camping trip. And that was because I was too lazy to get up and go outside haha.

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    Hey, DotDotDot! (awesome user name, btw!) Welcome to the site. Feel free to drop a line any time you want to talk. See you around! :]

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    Thanks for the welcome. I gotta wait for 15 posts until I can message.

    DotDotDot is long ...e r short ... for "..." haha. I have a few popular usernames I use around the internet (if they are typed into google, I am the first result last time I checked) but didn't want to use it here. I'm living this on the Down Low.

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    Nice to meet you dude. I see you come in peace. *makes hand sign* Make yourself at home. This place is awesome. And don't be shy to go 'off topic,' since only like 15-20% of this site is based around diapers, and the other 80 is 'off topic.' Can't wait to see you posting a bit more!


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    From being on a lot of forums, it is hard to have forums that are just on topic. haha.

    Anyway, since i've been on forums for the past few days and reading around, I think I am going to work up the courage to go out and buy.

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    Welcome DotDotDot! Hope you enjoy it here. Now, you probably realize you could be called just "S" for short under the old Morse Code: learn morse code

    Thanks for your introduction! I just wear occasionally myself for something different babyish to do.


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    Welcome, welcome

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