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Thread: The Guitar Golden Tuning?

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    Default The Guitar Golden Tuning?

    I think I found the golden tuning for a guitar. Instructions to put a guitar in this tuning:
    1: Tune guitar to standard Tuning: EADGBe
    2: Put a Capo on fret 3
    3: Play pretty much any song you want.

    It immediately makes practically any song sound more moving and touching to ones heart.

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    All that does is just shift the key of whatever you are playing 2.5 steps higher. I really don't find that it makes anything more touching and special. If anything, it tightens the strings and makes everything harder to play and, depending on what type of singer you are, harder to sing to.

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    I am saying that it makes the song more moving, I know it shifts the key up, but play "Kryptonite" on normal tuning, then play it with the Capo, it sounds better, at least in my viewpoint.

    Also, it's 3 half steps, not 2.5 steps. 2.5 steps would be fret 5.

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    Since each fret is a half step, wouldn't it raise it 1 1/2 steps? Mind you, I'm a keyboardist, and it's been a long time since I've played guitar. My daughter has my guitar now.

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    Sorry, I meant 1.5 steps, not 2.5. Even so, all it's doing is shifting the key up. The song itself doesn't change.

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    What if I want to play some heavy Slipknot-esque metalcore riffs? :P

    Not that I can play the guitar! Just wanted to be a pedant. :P

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    you people aren't really seeing the point.

    I find it to be more moving with a lot of songs, that is all.

    And I have done Double Drop-D, it is fun for certain songs, but my most used tuning for my own stuff is Drop-Db, basically Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb. Very different...

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