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    Good morning, (I use this greeting anytime of day as it is not just a greeting but an outlook on life. Always looking forward to the day ahead).

    I am finally getting around to introducing myself. I have been reading the forums off and on for some time but always too nervous to talk about my desires. I am 47 years old and have been happily married to my second wife for ten years now.

    I have been a DL as long as I can remember, but have never understood why and not sure that it matters. As I have read that many others have done, I have spent most of my life doing the purge and binge. This was due to the fact I was ashamed thinking I was alone in the love of diaper. I now know there are many others that have the same feelings I do helping me to be more comfortable with my fetish.

    My wife and I enjoy spending a lot of time together at home and away. We like to fly (I am a private pilot), drive and ride my motorcycle just to get away from the kids (not so much kids anymore, 5 age 18-27 all living with us).

    I have never told anyone about my desire to wear diapers always doing it in secret. Tomorrow my wife and I are going on a trip for 3 nights to celebrate our tenth anniversary. I am thinking about taking a supply of x-pluses and breaking the whole diaper thing to her on the first day. She has always been very open minded and I am hoping she takes it well (maybe she will try one too). My greatest fear is that she will not understand why I have kept it a secret for so long.

    Wish me luck,


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    Hello BC, welcome to ADISC.
    I know of a couple pilots on this site and it is a pleasure to meet you! It is quite a gift to be given different perspectives into the optional future of our secrete in the real world, and how they play out =D, truly interesting! Could you make a blog about your wife's reaction? That would be really great as I am sure many of us here at adisc are eager to read. It is amazing to meet another person who have only recently realized they were not alone, I can only conclude this has been a healthy transition! I enjoy recycling on my road bike, and preparing for college. Hope to see you around the forums!

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