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Thread: Caught with my plushie

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    Default Caught with my plushie

    I totally just got caught snuggling my plushie!

    So my roommates were out and about and I had just finished watching a movie. It was still kind of early so I felt like playing a little cod before bed, had nothing better to do. Since no one was home I went to my room to play on my xbox. I threw on some pajamas and piled up all my sheets and pillows so I had a back rest. Plugged in my headphones and grabbed my plushie so he could watch.

    After a little bit of playing and right in the middle of a round my lights in my room began to flash on and off. It kind of scared me at first then I turned and saw one of my roommates standing with my door wide open. Apparently he had knocked a few times and then just opened the door. I guess he was trying to find a cell phone charger or cord and thought I might have it. As I was telling him I didnít know where it was I suddenly remembered I still had my plushie. So there I was plushie in arm and all my sheets piled up so I couldnít just slip him underneath. I just laid there like a deer in headlights, not knowing what to do. Leaving my arm around my plushie I tried to finish up the conversation but he started asked me how cod was going (not well) and watched for a little. It seemed like it took forever for him to finally leave!

    Well he never said anything about it and I was a little to startled to catch a laugh or his first look when he saw me. So I guess it went over well. Pretty sure he didnít know about it or at most had only seen it on a shelf in my room.

    I am still a little freaked out but not really worried about it at the same time, itís just a plushie.

    I just got a pair of dinosaur kigurumi pajamas to wear as a Halloween costume. I have worn it around them a little and they said it was pretty awesome! So I am planning on getting a proper pair of footies soon and wearing it around but wasnít planning on dragging my plushie around too. I guess it was bound to happen eventually I just didnít think it was going to be tonight!

    Since one of them knows now should I keep trying to keep it ďundercoversĒ? get it...

    Think I could start taking it around the house or should I wait till they actually acknowledge and say something so itís not super awkward if I do? Not that I will or not, would like your thoughts on if I could or not.

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    lots of people have them, so it probably wasn't even that strange for him to see it.

    you should do what you feel comfortable with, but like you said: it's just a plushie.

    and trust me... people have been caught with MUCH worse.

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    awwww I bet you looked pretty cute cuddling your plushie in your jammies. I don't have a teddy bear so I have never been caught with one in my arms, but i did recently get a pair of footy pajamas and went through exposing each of my roommates to me wearing them. each time someone knew sees me acting childish or if Im wearing something that makes me feel little I am afraid that they will react meanly. but no one has yet, either I am complimented or no comment at all.

    as far as your plushy goes I would let all of your roommates see you snuggling him in your own room before you take him to the rest of the house. even then restricted to a late scary movie. unfortunately for a guy to have a plushie is more deviant than for a girl.

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    I have a Pillow Pet, am laying on it right now, and am 32 years old. :-) My kids gave it to me though, so I guess I have a free pass. Still, a plushie is not a big deal.

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    Lots of people have plushies!

    I would think that almost every single person has had a stuffed toy at one point in their lives. It's one of those sub social norms I would think. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if your friend was somewhat jealous even :P

    I know several people at my university who have small stuffed toys with them often, such as the cafeteria or cafe; or on the more-odd occasion in class. It's also not uncommon one bit to see people walking around with the small stuffed toys on the keychains attached to their book bags, wallets etc.

    Everyone (Ok, almost everyone) loves plushies I'm pretty sure that even if he realized it was a plushie he didn't care at all. After all why would anyone care if someone has a plushie next to them, or on them.

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    The only people I have ever known to be really weird about my stuffed animals were super bros that couldn't fathom a man having something childish. Pretty much everyone else either has their own, doesn't care, or at most thinks it is eccentric. Seriously, I saw stuffed animals around campus all the time when I was in college. People live there and keep really odd hours. People drag comfort items all over campus.

    I had a plush bear bag that I kept my phone and stuff in when I was on campus, and most of the time people just wanted to know his name and to play with it.

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    yeah, i wouldn't worry about it, i leave my plush on my pillow every day out in the open, and even was caught with it in my arms on an occasion, if there is anything i am going to make sure that my room mates don't care about, its my plushy, because i don't want to have to hide him, so i make sure that it is fairly obvious that they know i have him. I haven't however gone to bringing him around the apartment with me though, although some mornings I have been very tempted to do so. I have only one room mate that has seen me so far in my footed pajamas so far, sometime i need to let the rest see though.

    Quote Originally Posted by frillyfoxy View Post
    Seriously, I saw stuffed animals around campus all the time when I was in college. People live there and keep really odd hours. People drag comfort items all over campus.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lobie View Post
    I know several people at my university who have small stuffed toys with them often, such as the cafeteria or cafe;
    Really, I haven't seen that too much, but i guess i don't live on campus, so really i only get time in the class rooms and that is about it. I have wanted to bring my plush Tadd with me on campus though, but i don't know how i would work that one out. He isn't all that big, but i don't know i could pull that one off still, since he would only be coming to class with me. I figure i could let him sit in the water bottle pocket, or since it is winter, i could keep him in my sweater pocket. Still don't know that i would do it though.

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    Don't be so paranoid! There are far weirder things a person can do than continue to sleep with a plushy as an adult. It's not even that uncommon . I still sleep with mine.

    For all you know, your roommates are concealing their own. Maybe if you are open with your plushysnuggling, they'll start displaying theirs!

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    He probably thought nothing at all of it. At my college we had people with pacifiers, little kid lunch boxes and backpacks, etc. all the time. I also loved exchanging plushies with my girlfriend, so I had them in my dorm room. Unless he brings it up, he's probably forgotten about it and moved on with his own life.

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    I've been caught with my teddy, forgot he was on my bed and let people into my room. Almost been caught with my paci a few times and that's not a conversation i want to have with frat brothers >_> <_< no matter how understanding they are.

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