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Thread: Changed my view of alcohol this weekend?

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    Default Changed my view of alcohol this weekend?

    So I have always had a horrible view of alcohol, I thought of it as a disease that has been slowly destroying man kind, and there isnt anything good about it and it should be made a felony to make or sell. And this weekend i was with friends and three of them were drinking and i was curious and decided after tasting a couple of there drinks that i would try it, I felt i couldn't judge it tell i finally tried it and understood it. I got slightly drunk..... and i enjoyed it, i felt warm and fuzzy and just happy and it seemed to make my friends happy. But at the same time i feel bad that i tried it, i woke up in the middle of the night dehydrated feeling weird, made my friends act stupid and one of them really touchy. I don't know what to think about it. How do you guys think i should view this?

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    Sounds like you finally started living. JK

    Alcohol can be viewed as "immoral" but really its just a beverage that people can choose to indulge in or not indulge in. To say that it deserves to be outlawed (Like the 18th Amendment previously did) is just absurd in my opinion. Sure it clouds your judgement and sometimes leads to people being injured or killed but there are also alot of people who know how to drink responsibly. Now that you have witnessed the effects of alcohol, I hope that you will be weary of the effects but also be more understanding of people who tend to drink it.

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    Well 1st off making it illegal has not helped as far as history shows. And I'm ok with it as long as people are responsible drinkers who don't do shit like drive home.

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    I applaud your willingness to try new things, and I'm glad your first experience with alcohol wasn't as bad as some people's are. Fact: drinking feels good. That's why people do it. Fact: drinking too much causes problems. But there's no reason why you need to drink too much; you're ultimately the person who decides whether to let alcohol be a destructive force in your life or an edifying one, and it can be edifying. I find the routine of having a beer at the end of the day to be very soothing, but I also know that there are people out there who really can't control themselves. There isn't much a case be made against alcohol use in and of itself, but there can be arguments made against alcohol given this latter fact, namely, that many people can't control themselves, so it might behoove us all if we just did away with it. But hey, look how well prohibition worked out XD

    Here's my take on alcohol ethics, for what it's worth:
    1) Don't lose control of yourself.
    2) Don't encourage people to lose control of themselves.
    3) Be aware that some people would do best not to drink at all, and try to let your own drinking be a temptation to them. If someone's having a hard time quitting alcohol, be a gent and don't drink in front of them/don't take them somewhere where alcohol is the focus.
    4) Don't combine drinking with other activities where the combination would endanger human welfare, e.g. driving, sex, pregnancy, poor health, etc.
    5) Respect the law.

    Beyond that, have fun.

    I understand, however, that you probably feel guilty about breaking your own standards. But I think you did it with a good intention, namely, to be sure you're condemning something with good reason. So I don't think you should be too upset about it. Instead, let this be an experience that helps shape your view on alcohol.

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    You've made a good post and raised some excellent questions. Let me begin with a necessary disclaimer. According to your profile you are 19, and that's younger than the legal drinking age in the USA. Therefore, when you consume alcohol underage in the USA, you risk the criminal prosecution of the person who provided you the alcohol. In my area, the police sometimes conduct stings, sending an underage decoy to ask strangers in convenience store parking lots to buy them alcohol. To me, this borders on entrapment, but the point is the police around here take underage drinking seriously and will prosecute those providing the alcohol severely. Also, you risk being charged, yourself, for underage drinking. If you are part of an athletic team or other organization or activity, you risk benching or expulsion. Be careful, and while I have done the same in my college days, I cannot condone your actions.

    However, when I was 19 and traveled to Germany, beer was considered the beverage of choice at many meals and social functions. Our host families served us beer, wine, and even champagne, and it was an accepted part of the culture. However, drunkenness and overdoing it are highly frowned upon, carrying their own social taboos and sanctions. Once you've had a good German beer served fresh in Germany, no other beer will do, and it's a beverage to savor. It's a part of the culture, as important as the food.

    One of my favorite meals back here in the States was with a good friend who was a wine aficionado and expertly paired wines with all three courses of the meal - a prosecco with the appetizer, a blush with the fish entree, and a blackberry wine with dessert. Yum! We consumed the alcohol slowly and it was again part of the meal and the culture.

    I also enjoy a top-shelf gin and tonic when visiting a bar. Delicious. A locally-brewed beer here in the States is often wonderful and unique, too.

    The point is this. Alcohol to get drunk or buzzed is stupid and dangerous. Consuming alcohol around a known alcoholic is rude and hurtful. Alcohol in moderation as part of a meal or cultural experience can be very enjoyable. But whenever and wherever you consume it, be sure you are of legal age where you are.

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    My view on alcohol is that it is to be enjoyed responsibly, much like a luxury; not as a party favor. When alcohol was invented (or discovered), it was out of need that people began to consume it. They figured out that straight river water wasn't very good for you to drink; but alcohol was virtually disease free and could be preserved simply by storing it in a cool place (Egyptians used it as a form of currency to pay those at the bottom of the social ladder; ie: slaves, servants, farmers). So yes, alcohol was good, if not essential to the growth and prosperity of ancient civilizations we knew existed.

    However, today the large majority of the developed world has access to clean water suitable for consumption. Alcohol has indeed become the victim of its own demise brought upon those who intend to use abuse it constantly. Because of the effects it has on the human body when consumed in excess, the use of alcohol becomes a huge problem.

    You are 19 and live in MN, USA where the legal drinking age is 21. Therefore I cannot condone consuming alcohol at this time. Personally I would like to see other develop a respectful appreciation for alcohol rather than view it as either a toy or an abomination.

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    I think alcohol largely gets a bad rep from a small portion of it's users. They are the most visible so this of course makes sense. As you've seen, it can be a pleasurable experience and if done properly and with care does not result in the kind of stuff we see plastered on the news all the time.

    As for worrying about your friends acting silly.. that's part of it. Alcohol loosens inhibitions, which is a large part of what makes it enjoyable. As slim said though, don't go so far as to lose control completely. You want to be loosened up but not so much so that you do something really stupid.

    Also for the feeling terrible bit.. drinking lots of water before you go to bed helps immensely with that.

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    I love alcohol. I feel that beer is the single greatest discovery ever made by humankind. I can completely identify with Ron Burgandy's refrain of, "I love scotch! Scotch scotch scotch!" (Anchorman reference, for those who missed it). So, I'm glad you finally took the opportunity to try it for yourself, because honestly, I have big issues with people that moralize and sermonize about the evils of alcohol, yet have never tried it themselves. I completely respect those that aren't interested but respect that I am in return, but if you're going to tell me what a horrible person I am for enjoying a drink, I have no use for you.

    Really, alcohol is like anything in this Universe-all things can be good in moderation. Going out and getting hammered every night, or drinking so much that you puke your brains out and have a horrible hangover the next day, those are not good things (especially that second thing!). But, I am a big believer that the entire point of life is to live it, and I feel that never having a drink is unnecessary self-deprivation. A good beer, or a fine wine, or an 18-year-old scotch, or even a dry martini, are not just about the alcohol, but about the beverage, the flavors, the nuances, the skill and craft that went into their creation. There's something magical about opening a beer from some small craft brewer (and Michigan's one of the best states in the United States for craft and microbrew beer!) and enjoying the hops, the citrus notes, the honey, the coffee and chocolate hits, the carbonation, the warming of the alcohol, and honestly, it's an experience that is even more magical now as a 29-year-old than it was when I had my first beer (a Heineken) as a 15-year-old.

    And yeah, they'll give you a bit of a buzz, too, as what some might say is an added bonus.

    As for how to go forward? Well, I suppose that's up to you. I recommend moderation. Too much and you'll act like a jackass or be puking your brains out. Too little and you'll be missing out on some of the best stuff in the Universe. Take it easy, be careful (especially until you know your limits), drink water as you drink (that helps prevent hangovers and other issues, as those are caused by dehydration), and enjoy!

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    Anything can be abused. But we own our own bodies, and it's up to us to treat them well. No one else can make me a good person, and needless regulation only forces things underground. The 18th amendment is what gave Al Capone and every other gangster their power in that time period.

    That being said... I don't have any interest in being drunk. I have never been drunk, and i never plan to be.

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