Hello all,

I've been a member of the abdl community in some guise for the last 15 years or so. I am now 27 and my interests have developed from an initial fascination with nappies, through making my own, trying wetting them, buying disposables, developing an interest in messy diapers and on to trying out enemas and other more extreme/advanced elements. I would describe my approach to my fetish as 90% DL 10% AB.

I live at home still with my mum (which limits my ability to wear to 'very rare'!), but am looking to move out next year with my long-term girlfriend. Outside nappies, I am a self-employed professional photographer and have been running my business for the last 4 years. I am a wedding specialist but I also shoot a number of other fields, particularly during the winter season.

I'm always interested to chat other people interested in the lifestyle and value intelligent, open-minded and accepting people very highly. It has always astonished me that a community that is often ridiculed by the world at large is so frequently intolerant of it's own members differences, varieties and foibles.

Great to be here, I've visited irregularly in the past but ADISC looks like a great forum and I'm keen to get stuck in.

All the best,