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Thread: Expenses - Food for thought

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    Default Expenses - Food for thought

    I was wondering just how much I have invested into my ABDL side over the past 4 years and I happen to have a good memory and buy infrequently so I remember all of my purchases for that time period.

    I ended up with $231 in AB/DL expenses over the past 4 years. I was actually kind of shocked how low it was compared to other things that people do, like see a movie once a week.

    I haven't given this thread any real direction yet so I'll poise the question to you. How much do you end up spending on ABDL stuff in a typical year and do you still live with your parents?


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    1: Yes i live with parents
    2: In the month or two i started i've spent about $200. Getting my 2nd cloth diaper soon and already spent $70 alone on real diapers, $11.95 went to hdis's sample pack. $20 went to a pack of 20 tranquility small pullups and $10 went to samples. I then spent $35 on a onesie and plastic pants as well. All of this without shipping.

    It's fun though. Can't wait to try my customized terry cloth diaper out soon. 3thick layers.

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    1. yes with parents but in college
    2. A typical year ~$200 or less
    building whole collection ~$3500 - colth diapers are expensive initially .

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    Out on my own and un-ashamedly spend a fair bit of money on this stuff (as well as other hobbies).

    Way I see it, the goal of life isn't just to accumulate wealth. Putting away for long term goals is important (and I do), but I think it's equally important to do stuff that you'll enjoy at the immediate moment.

    That said, if money is tight, don't spend frivolously ... but if you've got the money and you're putting away for retirement and such.. shouldn't feel guilty about spending money on stuff you don't "really" need.

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    I live by myself and spend far too much on this (wearing 24/7 by choice is expensive). However, I feel that it's money well spent. After all, you can't take it with you (and even if you could you'd get taxed on it these days).

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    I own my own house and live with my 24/7-wearing DL boyfriend.

    This year, I've spent almost nothing on ABDL stuff, probably less than $100 total. I bought a bunch of new cloth diapers last year, and I wear cloth 80 percent of the time when I wear. I bought a case of Cushies late last year, as well, and since I hardly wear disposables, I am just now finishing that case.

    In contrast, my boyfriend spends roughly $100 per month on diapers, since he wears 24/7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgh View Post
    I live by myself and spend far too much on this (wearing 24/7 by choice is expensive). However, I feel that it's money well spent. After all, you can't take it with you (and even if you could you'd get taxed on it these days).
    True, that's what i tell myself. I try and look for reusability as well, but if we only get one life then might as well do what you like best. I like computers and diapers, so screw the others that says otherwise, my body, my life, and i'm not harming anyone.

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    I live with my wife and kid and I spend on average $16.00 every three months or so. It is possible to be an adult baby and be within a $10,000 US a year budget. Granted I can't afford the "great diapers", but I still find ways to save money when I can. I buy Goodwill and yard sale toys and clothes. And most of my diapers are the store brand type. I've also bought small things here and there along the way and took excellent care of them.

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    I live with my parents, judging buy the number of empty diaper bags I have in my closet (which for whatever reason I have never got rid of) I've probably spent around ~$300 - ~$400, maybe more, over the past couple years on ABDL stuff. I wear on most weekends, so it doesn't surprise me.

    I'm thinking roughly $20 - $30 a month on diapers, sometimes $50 if I buy online every once in a while. Plus whatever AB stuff I buy on occasion...

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    I haven't spent much of anything this year. Due to the fact that I have gotten diapers and other baby things from a friend. I've been sent loads of diapers that I still haven't gone through, a cloth diaper and plastic pants (that I believe has unfortunately been thrown away T-T), a onsie and pants (both snaps ), two monkey footed sleepers, and loads of sippy cups. Yeah, I know I'm lucky :P lol

    Oh, and I don't really live with my parents but I live with my boyfriend and he lives with his parents

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