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    Default So true

    I just came across this and it filled me with joy.

    SO suitable for us, no?

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    I love that web comic, as those who click the (not so) secret link in my signature will see, providing they also love it.

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    I LOVE that comic!

    When Shin and I finally got our stuff moved in to our first apartment (And the first time we had lived with anyone but family) he was like "So what do we do now?"

    So I said "We go jump on the bed!!"

    And we did!

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    Everytime I see those ball rooms I wanna jump in!

    I had to give up 'jumping on the bed' when I had a waterbed! Now, I have an airbed...still not a good plan to jump on it!

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    Yeah, air beds are LOUD when they bust XD

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