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Thread: Ever get the urge?

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    Smile Ever get the urge?

    Does anyone ever get the urge to be babied? Like at that moment being babied by someone would be the best feeling?

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    Yeah, but normally I can either ignore it to an extent, or I have a wank and the urge goes away for a few days.

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    All the time. It's that one thing that keeps coming back and is never satisfied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supersam1223 View Post
    Yeah, but normally I can either ignore it to an extent, or I have a wank and the urge goes away for a few days.
    Yeah I think that's pretty common among DLs. Being Asexual I usually only get that urge in the evenings after very stressfull days. My remedy is padding up and going to bed a few hours early, so I get plenty of snuggle time with the sheets!

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    I get the urge to be babied but have no one to baby me (another asexual), so usually just end up regressing.

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    Actually, right after I have some really good sex... for some reason I just wanna be diapered.

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    Sometimes tho not in a sexual sense. My mate live far off for now so just have to ignore it.
    I do get diapered, put on footie PJs(or other cute outfit), my paci and a plushie and it fills that void a bit.

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    Of course, constantly ^^

    For now, 'self-medicating' is really my only option. However, my wife seems to be getting the hang of things and enjoying the much more youthful side of me.

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