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Thread: AB/DL Sites

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    Default AB/DL Sites

    How many other ab/dl sites are you on and what are your thought's of them?
    I am on many ab/dl sites and find that some of them are open and honest while other's are just there for the freak's that lurk around on the web.
    I find this site to be the best one and has many interesting topic's

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    I go to (not advertising) and was my first site i found when i was 15 and getting into diaper interests. Now a days i don't even go there. Everyones older than 40, only into enemas really, and don't provide much help. I was lucky to get the, "tapes go from back to front" help let alone anything else. At least on here i asked question after question after question on anything and got answers. No one had a problem and i'm not smarter than before, more experienced, and can pass on this info to others who need it.

    I am not going back to that site ever again, i prefer adisc, it's a fun place to be and very well maintained.

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    I'm not a member on any other site, though I have browsed a few. Most seem to have a different atmosphere to adisc which usually ruins the whole experience.

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    I looked on several other sites, but this one is the only one I joined. The atmosphere here matches very well what I was looking for as far as I can tell yet.


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    I visit a few different site still. One thing that i have noticed however, is that many of them seem to be dying out which is a bit disappointing. I must admit, my opinion of adisc in the beginning wasn't necessarily a good one to start with (long story but was due to things that happened previously and made me leave this site for a few years) however, coming back now, i mist admit that it is much better then before. And the biggest thing for me is that the forums are actually quite active (something that on all the other sites i visit isn't really happening).

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    Default is a mecca for pervs. zity rhymes with sh**ty.

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    I've been on dl-boy, but stopped going there since the site at it self is (in my opinion) more focussed on meeting people. I also used to be on but their site went down for 'maintenance' and never has been up since...

    I'm also on two dutch boards ( and Both have forums and one seems a little more serious than the other.

    I just recently discovered because of a referral from one of the dutch boards (and beats both of the dutch boards really, but that could be because the're targeted on the dutch speaking DL/AB's - and yeah, compared to english, dutch isn't that widely spread).

    Every now and then I discover another diaper site, but for now I like where I am now..


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    I have visited many other sites before but never liked them much at all. None of them seemed to be as active or have as good of a community. I am pretty sure this is the only site of this type that I signed up on and use.

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    I do visit other but I am mostly here and however, I do like ABDL story forum it some good stories over there.

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    I am on diaperspace which if you are trying to meet people, works good, but the community here is much better i think, of course adsic doesn't like you to meet up with people from the site, which is sometimes annoying, but i understand and quite agree with them in doing so, because it helps keep the community good, and not full of lurkers. The thing i really am not a fan of about diaperspace is the adds, and how much pornographic material the sight allows.
    All in all, Adisc is the best.

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