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Thread: Introducing 4077

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    Default Introducing 4077

    O.K., I've read the tips for newbies and the rules, so here goes.

    I've been lurking here, wanting to join for over three years since I found the old computer in the art room would go online and wasn't locked.

    Family: two elder half sisters, 23 at uni and 18 at home and mum does IT, so can't go online there.

    Mum is Lezzie and didn't want a boy, especially a bedwetter so Gran paid for me to go to boarding school in England when I was seven and I used to spend lots of holidays with her.

    Favourite sports: Rugby, hockey, cross-country and athletics. Favourite lessons: English, science and CDT and I want to be an engineer.

    Gran died two years ago and because mum wanted more money from her will I had to go to school in Wales from home last year. I hated it because I was picked on for only doing two years Welsh at infants and the lessons were so dumb and the teachers did nothing to stop dossing in lessons. Worst, there was no sport at all but I did lots of running in the evenings and mum's new tomboy would take me to swimming on her Yamaha. She is really kind about the bedwetting and cuddles me and we can talk about things.

    Good news: Last holls gran's brother took me fishing in Scotland and told me he will pay for all my schooling. WOW !. So I'm back at my old school and it's great but if I'd been here last year I could have been rugger captain, and I'm not even a prefect but at least I am head of the small dorm with some other squirts in it. I'm a year behind with all the lessons but the teachers are helping lots and they all say it's still worth sitting for a scholarship but I'll have to make the art room out of bounds and swott maths and history.

    Bad news: A begga bummer, at lunch gran's partner explained that he has prostrate, so mum's tomboy is coming to stay here over half term and this may be the last time he can have me here for holidays. Gramps is more like my brother or best friend than a grandfather. It's really sad.

    Me: fair wavy hair, 144 CM, voice hasn't broken and may be gay. Facebook's for fools and twitter is a time waste. M.A.S.H. is the greatest and I wish I could write like PG Woodhouse.

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    Welcome here!

    What a lovely, succinct introduction - it makes a wonderful change!

    I have little to ask (since I'm incredibly tired) but I would like to ask... What makes you think you 'may be gay'...?

    Hope you settle in here and stick around - look forward to seeing you around


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    It's because I quite enjoy what I think the Headmaster means by "horse-play"

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4077 View Post
    It's because I quite enjoy what I think the Headmaster means by "horse-play"
    Care to elaborate...?

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    To be honest, I'm a bit embarrassed about writing it down. I see you are gay, so I expect you can guess.

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    Gay yes - smart, no! Feel free to PM me when you're able to

    Why not tell us some more about your hobbies?

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    Hi and welcome. Its nice to have another person from the UK on here.

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    Okay, I don't suppose anyone here will be too shocked, (how many read intros ?), but I don't want to get banned.

    A couple of years ago… a prefect stroked me in the shower !!. He invited me to stay in the summer hols. He explained to his mum that I was squirt and she got a rubber sheet and nursing duvet. The second day we cycled to the swimming pool and as we changed afterwards he had a huge conc on. He pulled out a pair of rubber pants, he said to hide it under his shorts. Something about those rubber pants made my heart flutter all that evening.

    One thing led to another, but I was always thinking of those rubber pants so I'm not sure if I'm gay, bi or a rubber fetishist.

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    Have fun exploring the site and becoming a active member!
    - Will

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    Okay, welcome to ADISC! And, I haven't seen much of MASH, but I have heard the theme song a couple of times.

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