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    I am a male, 50 years old and living in Vienna/Austria. I read a lot about diapers and I would evaluate myself as DL wannabe. I want to read more about this topic and try to find my way within this fetish.

    All the best!


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    Welcome aboard. It's funny because I met someone a few months ago who was about your age and just getting into diapers. I can definitely understand someone being into diapers from childhood or having early childhood triggers to cause the diaper fetish. But I'm always fascinated when I learn that someone has gone their whole lives without the urge and has only come to be interested in diapers in later years.

    One thing I would recommend is to expand your intro abit. What makes you tick besides your fetish? Work, hobbies? You're from Vienna, so are you a music lover?

    Also, the blog would be a great feature for you to become familiar with. It can let you chronicle your feelings and your adventures into the diaper "world" as it were. I would personally be very interested in getting to know you more and finding out how you came to be interested in diapers.

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    No problem, I will expand my intro a little bit.

    Yes, I am a music lover, I like going to opera or theaters. That`s really great here in Vienna. I also like to visit foreign cities and have a look at it. This weekend I will spend in Paris for the 20th time. I like Paris and it is the most beautiful city in Europe with so much flair - perfect. Beside this I like winter sports like skiing, but that is normal for us. Everybody in Austria likes winter sports.

    I am sales manager for special machineries therefore I have to travel a lot but I like it. That is also the reason for some kinky ideas I get when I am on tour.

    As written in my intro I am a wannabe. I am looking for my liking and disliking and hopefully I will find my way soon. Yes, I am a late bloomer with this topic. I like some kind of medical fetish where I was introduced to diapers first and I liked the feeling wearing them. That was my way to this forum.

    If there are people interested in knowing more, I am willing to answer your questions.

    As you saw in my profile, I am not a native speaker in English, so please I want to apologize for all my mistakes I made and will make!

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